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Ride Date

Ride Details

December 29, 2007



Polar Bear


Well our 1st Annual Polar Bear Run is in the books! We had 10 bikes and 12 riders to include: Michael & Sharon, Toby & Kim, Joe & Christina, Barry, Charlie, New members Rick & Perry, Tom Steele from the Oconee Chapter and myself. The weather started out foggy. but cleared up around 11:00am and it was sunny and blue skies for the rest of the ride. The ride went as planned form Hwy 11 to Hwy 178 to Hwy 64 to Hwy 215. The BRP was closed so we back tracked down Hwy 215 to Hwy 64 and then over to the Twin Dragon Buffett. After lunch we went back down Hwy 64/276 into Brevard and then Hwy 276 over Caeser's Head to Hwy 11 and then folks started splitting off for home. All and all a good ride, but since the weather was in the 50"s  someone said we should have called it a "Panda Bear Run!"  

I would like to thank everyone for making my last ride as 1st Officer a great one, hopefully this will become a yearly event.

December 27, 2007

Bike Nite

We had 12 folks to show up including our 2 newest members Rick and Perry and also Perry's wife. This was the biggest group we have had in quite a while and it was good to meet the new members. Tracy aka: "Pickle Girl" stopped by and with Gene's support went for her personal best of 3 pickles at one time, but she got to laughing to much and only got 2 down, better luck next time Tracy!

Just a reminder this Saturday, 12/29/07 is the 1st Annual Spartanburg Chapter Polar Bear Run, with show time 8:00am at the Big Lot's Parking lot at the Pinewood Shopping Center on Hwy 176. We are meeting other parts of the group along the route so we need to have KSU at 8:15am


December 15, 2007 We had 6 bikes and 2 cage riders go to the Oconee Chapter meet and eat. We left Wades and went 176 to John Dodd Rd to New Cut rd. and thru back roads to Hwy 25 and Tigerville Rd. in Travelers Rest. down Hwy 25 to 123 to the Western Sizzlin in Clemson. We had a good lunch with the Oconee chapter and discussed future rides. After lunch it looked like rain so we all headed for home.


December 13, 2007

Bike Nite

We had 7 show up for this weeks "Bike Nite", Joe, Toby & Kim and their son Justin, Todd (our adopted member) and his friend (and maybe new member) Monica and myself. The next Bike Nite will be on the 27th unless that week is a bad time because of Christmas, so let me or Toby know.

Merry Christmas!


December 9, 2007      We had 4 bikes and 6 riders show up for to days ride. We had a good lunch, Wades was packed so we went to the Junction, after lunch we took Asheville hwy. to John Dodd to Newcut to Hwy. 11 to Hwy14 to Hwy. 176 up the Saluda grade to Mountain Page Rd and thru the Greenville watershed to Hwy 11 and back home. This trip was around 80 miles.

     Don't forget this Thursday is our meet and eat at Chiefs Wings and Firewater at 7pm.

     The Oconee chapter has invited us to join them for lunch (weather permitting) Sat.Dec.15 at the Western Sizzlin Hwy 123, Clemson at 11:00 am, with a short ride to follow. Anyone wanting to go be a Wades at 8:00 am with KSU at 8:15.

      The 1st SC STATE SCRC RALLY is going to be in the upstate and the tentative dates are May 9 & 10, 2008.


December 1, 2007 The following members showed up for the "Meet and Eat" and the Toy Poker Run:  Michael & Sharon, Toby & Kim, Barry, Charlie, Todd (our adopted member) and myself.  There was between 400 and 500 bikes in this years Toy Poker Run, which started at the Shriner's Club in Wellford and then went to Harley-Davidson of Spartanburg and then to C&C Thunder in Mayo to Lil Dee's on Fernwood-Glendale Rd in Spartanburg to Southport Spirits on Southport Rd. Then we all formed for the parade through town to Rascal's Playhouse on the Asheville Hwy, the last stop!


November 17, 2007

The "Toy's for Tot's run was a good one with about 1000 bikes. We took about a 15 mile box pattern around Mauldin Rd and Simpsonville before ending up at Harley-Davidson of Greenville for lunch catered by Cheeseburger in Paradise and a 50/50 raffle. It was amazing how many businesses along the route stopped what they were doing and stood out by the road to wave and cheer us on.

Joining us on this ride was: Michael & Sharon, Toby & Kim, Barry, Todd (our adopted member) and myself. 


November 10, 2007 We had 4 bikes and 6 riders (Michael/Sharon, Toby/Kim and myself) including 1 guest (Todd) and 1 lead/chase cage with 2 riders (Joe/Christina). We headed up Hwy 176 to Hendersonville NC where we linked up with Michael/Sharon and then we had Christina/Joe take us through the back roads of Hendersonville over to Hwy 64, then to Brevard NC for lunch at the Twin Dragon. Christina / Joe left for a family event and the rest of us went back down Hwy 64 to Hwy 276 up to the BRP and down Hwy 215 (where Michael/Sharon split off for home) and the rest of us went down Hwy 178 to Hwy 11 and then split off for home.

The food was great and the weather was a little chilly, but all in all a good ride!


November 3, 2007

We had 9 folks show up for the "Meet and Eat" and 3 bikes and 5 riders make the trek over to Harley of Greenville. We demo'ed 2 of the current bikes, a Night Rod, V-Rod and a Street Glide. After eating a Hot Dog with the Harley boys, with rode over to Power Sports to check out the new metric models and then we split up for home.

Footnote: For those who know Cricket who is the 1st Officer for the Charlotte NC Chapter and the NC Asst. State Officer, she went down this weekend when a cage turned left into her path. Nothing serious, but she will be sore for awhile. Please include her in your prayers and thoughts!


October 27, 2007

Well it started out for the first hour as a foggy day, but around 9:00am the fog burned off and 2 bikes and 3 riders headed up to road. Thinking there would be fog on the BRP we choice to go up Hwy 176 to Hendersonville NC and than over to the "Rock" for lunch at Duncan's Bar-b-que. After lunch we did the Mini Dragon on the backside of Lake Lure and then headed to Rutherfordton NC and back down Hwy 221 with a stop at Harley-Davidson of Spartanburg, before splitting up for home.


October 25, 2007

Bike Nite


We had 9 folks show up to include to guests, Nancy (Joe's mom) and Todd (Toby's friend). With our encouragement, "Pickle Girl" aka Tracy was talked in to going for 2 pickles at a time and she even got her friend Stevie to join her in the act and the ladies did not disappoint. Gene has challenged both of them to do 4 by our next Bike Nite! (LOL) All in all it was a good night and I thank all that attended! Just as a reminder show time for Saturday's ride is 8:00am with KSU at 8:15am.


October 20, 2007

We had 6 bikes and 9 riders from Wades we went up 176 toward Hendersonville where we met Michael and Sharon at 176 and 25. Then Joe took us through some of Hendersonville's back roads to 64 and on into Highlands. We had a great lunch at  Don Leone's and then some of our group went shopping while the rest spent time talking to some bikers from Fla. We headed back home on 106 by way of Dillard, Ga. then on 123. Michael, Sharon, Kim and I broke off on Hwy 11 toward home while Joe lead the rest of the group home by way of 123 where they ran into Clemson Game Traffic- They should have come back by way of Hwy 11...

                        Great ride...   Toby


October 13, 2007

We had 4 bikes and 6 riders to include 1 guest, Todd (Toby's friend) and his girlfriend Helen. We did the "Rock Run" coming back from Hendersonville via Hwy 25 to Mt.Page Rd and then down Hwy 176 to the Side Street Cafe in Tryon NC. After lunch we headed toward Landrum on Hwy 176 where a stop was made at the Hot Spot and then we split up for home. Total mileage to the Hot Spot was about 100 miles. Our new member "Road Kill" really enjoyed the ride and said he saw some of his relatives along the way!


October 11, 2007

Bike Nite

We had six members show up for "Bike Nite" to include Michael and Sharon fresh in from north of the Mason-Dixon line for the winter months and Gene who has be spending his time helping make the Westgate Mall safe for all of us to shop and last but not least "Road Kill" joined us for his first "Bike Nite."  He told me as we were leaving that he had a great time meeting everyone, drinking beer and watching Tracy, aka "Pickle Girl" perform her act!


Just a reminder show time for Saturday's ride is 9:00am with KSU at 9:15am!


October 6, 2007

We had 5 bikes and 6 riders, Joe, Christina, Toby, Kim, Barry and myself. As promised we did the "Mountainview Run" and after a great lunch at the Mountainview Grill we headed back on the BRP all the way back to Hwy 191 where we stopped at the Causal Corner Discount Shoe store and did a little shopping. We then headed back I-26, except for Toby and Kim they took Hwy 191 back.  Weather was pretty good and this turned out to be a great ride, so as I have said in the past: "You should be kicking yourself for not making this one!"

By the way we have a new member of the chapter that goes by the name "Road Kill" he doesn't have his own bike yet, but I have agree to let him ride with me until he gets one. All of you be sure to make him feel welcome at our next ride or meeting!


September 27, 2007

Bike Nite

Another "Bike Nite" in the books. We had 5 members and one guest. As you can see the herd is getting thin, so if you can come please do!


September 22,2007

We had 10 bikes and 12 riders and we left Spartanburg up Hwy 176 to do the "Dugan's Run" ride. After a great lunch at "Dugan's Pub" we headed down Hwy 64 back into Hendersonville NC and the Hwy 176 to Hwy 25 through Flat Rock NC to Mt Page Rd over to Saluda NC and then down Hwy 176 to Landrum SC and then everyone split off for home!

Another great ride in the books!! 


September 15, 2007

We had 5 bikes and 6 riders and it was a picture perfect day, the weather was great with the temp's in the 60's at the start and 70's lower 80's at the end. We left out of Spartanburg with "Trooper Joe" at the helm and we headed up Hwy 176 to Campobello and then Hwy 11 until Hwy 178 north. Then we took Hwy 64 into Highlands NC, where we picked-up Hwy 106 to Hwy 441/23 into Dillard Ga, where we stopped for lunch at the Dillard House. Holy crap at the food they bring you, the Daniel Boone Inn could take lessons from these folks. After lunch we headed by down the road to Hwy76 then to Hwy 123 in to Greenville SC and then Hwy 29 home.

I'll say it again, if you missed this one, you should be kicking yourself in the butt!!


September 8, 2007

Well we finally made it to Boone NC and the Daniel Boone Inn! We had six bikes and seven riders and this included a guest Todd (Toby's friend from work) We headed up Hwy 221 all the way to Linville NC where we picked up Hwy 105 into Boone where we stopped for lunch at the Daniel Boone Inn (for those that went with us about 2 years ago the weather was 180 degrees different, last time raining cats and dogs, this time sunny and high 70's) The food was as good as always with plenty of chicken, ham and biscuits and veggies! On the way back we took Hwy 105 to Hwy 181 (for those that went on the never ending ride to the Rock House Cafe where I missed the turn off on Hwy 183, this was the great road with the long winding turns that we went up) Down at the bottom "Big Ben" took the lead and brought us down Hwy 18 to Hwy 64 into Rutherfordton NC, from there it was Hwy 221 back into Chesnee, where everyone split up for home.

 The weather was great, so again if you missed this one you should be kicking yourself!


August 27, 2007

We had 3 riders and 3 bikes and rather than writing out the route and since I would like you guys and gals checking the chapter web site, if you look under favorite rides, we did the "Dugan's Run II" ride this weekend.

 Since this is Labor Day weekend coming up and I will be out of town, I am not going to schedule a ride. If anyone wants to plan one let me know and I will put it out to the group.

Just as a reminder Thursday is Bike Nite at Chiefs starting at 7:00pm


August 11,2007

We had 2 bikes and 2 riders, me and "Trooper Joe". We voted and headed north to Mt.Mitchell, since it just wouldn't have been fair to go to the Daniel Boone Inn without the rest of you guyz! We left Spartanburg and headed up Hwy 9 to Parris Bridge Rd and then back on Hwy 9 at Green Creek NC. At "The Rock" we headed up Hwy 74 to the BRP and then north to Mt. Mitchell for lunch at the Mt. Mitchell Restaurant (pretty good eats and a good selection) When came back down the parkway to Hwy 80 and then down the mountain to Marion NC and then Hwy 221 back home. 


August 4, 2007

First of all I would like to thank Ben and Laura for an outstanding breakfast, we had I believe 16 show up for this special "Meet and Eat"  For the ride we had 10 bikes and 14 riders. We had 4 guests join us for the ride, Dennis and his wife Linda, and Norm and his wife Shirley. We left Ben's house and headed up Hwy 11 all the way to Campobello and then Hwy 176 to Landrum, once in Landrum we headed through Tryon's "Hunting Country" and back to Hwy 14 to Sandy Plains, NC. From there we headed to Rutherfordton by the Green River and Cleghorn Plantations. Then we Headed down Hwy 221 back to Chesnee and over to the Hwy 11 Cafe for lunch and from there we split up for home.


August 2, 2007

Bike Nite

We had 15 show up for Bike Nite with two guests that Toby invited to join the party! Question of the day: Is everyone still happy with having this at Chiefs or do we want to spread the wealth to some other places around town?  E-mail me and let me know!


July 21, 2007
We had a great ride to Highlands NC, we went up Hwy 176 to Saluda and cut through Mount Page Rd over to Hwy 225 and then "Trooper Joe" lead us through the back roads over to Hwy 64, we followed it all the way to Highlands where we ate a great little place Joe and Christina knew of called Don Leone's. The ladies did some shopping and then we headed back Hwy 64 to Hwy 281 where we stopped and low and behold we ran into Cricket from the Charlotte chapter with her folks. We then went down Hwy 281 to Hwy 11 and then for home. We had 4 bikes and 6 riders to include Justin (Grasshopper) Kim and Toby's son and Joe's mom Nancy.
The weather was great, so if you missed this one, boy you missed a good one!!


July 19, 2007

Bike Nite

Another successful "Bike Nite" with 24 folks showing up (I think that's a new record) I think Chief's is going to have to expand their building and buy more tables because SCRC Chapter 313 owns that place every other Thursday night!!

Thanks for coming out and my "Rent-a-Wife" sends her thanks for everyone making here feel right at home!


July 14, 2007

We had 4/5 bikes and 4/5 riders. Ralph rode with us up Hwy 11 to Hwy 25 and then had to split off and we picked-up Toby on Hwy 11 near his house and he rode the whole ride. Greg, Doc Joe, Toby and myself did I think the most twisties I've ever done in one ride! We went up Hwy 11 to Hwy 178 where the fun began, then Hwy 64 to Hwy 215 (Jason you and Joe were right, this was an awesome road) on to the BRP down Hwy 276 for lunch at Dugan's Pub and then back over Caesar's Head on Hwy 276 to Hwy 11 and then home.

 See what you miss when you don't ride!!


July 7, 2007

Well 7/7/07 must be a lucky day, because we had a great "Meet and Eat" and a great ride. We had 9 show up for breakfast and 7 bikes and 8 riders make the ride. We headed up Hwy 221 to Marion ,NC and then took Hwy 226 up to Little Switzerland were we stopped for lunch at the Mountainview Grill, where again I try to talk the owner out of her cat inside joke for Greg and Jason). After lunch we headed to Mt Mitchell via the BRP (where it was about 68 degrees at the summit) and then back down Hwy 80 to Marion and then Hwy 221 home. It looked like rain most of the way, but it held off (at least for me) until we got back to the Spartanburg area.


July 5, 2007 Bike Nite at Chief's


July 1, 2007

Sunday's ride included 4 bikes and 4 riders. We made a run up through "The Rock" and then up Hwy 9 through Black Mountain, across Hwy 70 into Asheville and then "Trooper Joe" took us through some of the back roads in Asheville over to Hwy 191, where we made a stop at the Country Casual Shoe Store, before heading back Hwy 191 to Hendersonville. Joe and Christina broke off to have supper and Jason and I headed back home via I-26.


June 23, 2007 We had two bikes and three riders. We went up Hwy 176 to Mount Page Road up 225 to Hendersonville over to Brevard and up to the Parkway on Hwy 276 and onto the Devils Courthouse we came down Hwy 215 and 178 then across Hwy 11 Home.


June 21, 2007

Bike Nite

We had a good showing for "Bike Nite" at Chiefs, with 11 total. The next one will be 5 July  at 7:00pm.

For those interested in riding this Saturday, meet at the Wade's/Big Lot's parking lot at 8:00am.


June 10, 2007

Well we had 5 bikes and 6 riders and we wound up going Hwy 176 to Hwy 11 up to Caeser's Head down Hwy 276 into Brevard NC then Hwy 276 up to the BRP over to Hwy 25 back through Hendersonville and then Hwy 176 to home. For our first Sunday ride it turned out pretty good and we even had "Doc" Joe Boscia join us on his new Harley!


June  7, 2007

Bike Nite

So what do we have to do to get members out for "Bike Nite?" I thought about that last night when I was talking to "Big Ben" Steagall and then I got my answer when Ben looked at Laura, who looked at Toby, who looked at Kim, who looked at Jason (Toby's son) who looked at Joe, who looked at Christina, who looked at Jason, who looked at Kelly, who looked at Wilma, who looked at Charlie, who looked at Barry, who looked at Bill (Ben's son) and his wife and three kids, who looked at Joe and Sue and their three kids, who looked back at me...just tell everyone!!!

23 for our first "Bike Nite" it couldn't have been any better (unless the whole chapter showed up) I think we can call this one a success and we decided to make them a bi-weekly event on the 1st and third Thursday of the month.

I would like to thank everyone that came out for the good food, good company and good time!!


June 2, 2007

It just hit me that I forgot to put out a ride report for Saturday, so here goes. We had 9 bikes and 11 riders show up with 2 being new members Ralph Adams and Rick Slayton. We headed up Hwy 9 to Parris Bridge Rd, back on Hwy 9 at Green Creek to "The Rock". After a shopping stop we headed over to Hendersonville via Hwy 64 then Hwy 176 down the mountain to Tryon for lunch at Side Street Pizza. Joe and Christina wanted to go by the Harley shop in Spartanburg (Christina is getting the fever for a different bike) so we headed down Hwy 176 to Hwy 11 to Chesnee and then Hwy 221 to the Harley shop.  We then decided to go and look at Palmetto Cycle and from there everyone split up and headed for home.

Just a reminder, we have "Bike Nite' Thursday the 7th starting at 7:00pm at Chiefs Wings and Firewater, hope to see you there!!


May 26, 2007

We had six bikes and eight riders for our run to the Penguin in Charlotte. I would first like to thank Christina for taking us to a new good place to chow down and to the team of Toby and Kim for doing the nav. in Charlotte to get us there!  We went via Hwy 29 through Gaffney and Blacksburg and then a stop at Kings Mountain National Park where the were doing some period reenactment. We left there and headed towards Lake Wiley were we picked-up Hwy 49 into town and then we hit the mouse maze in Charlotte until we arrived at the Penguin After a good meal we headed back pretty much the way we came.


May 19, 2007

We had a total of three bikes and three riders, Greg, Jason and myself. We left Wade's and went up Hwy221 to Marion NC and then Hwy 226 to Spruce Pine, we stopped for lunch at the Mountainview Motel and restaurant and had a great meal. left there and went up the BRP to Mt. Mitchell where we met up with the SCRC chapter out of Bristol TN (about 20 bikes). Came back down the BRP and got on Hwy 80 back down to Marion where we stopped at the Suzuki/Yamaha shop to check out the new bikes and then it was back down Hwy 221 to Spartanburg. Jason split off before Chesnee and Greg and I went down to the circle and Palmetto Cycle Center, before heading home.


May 12, 2007

We had a great ride to the dragon with 8 bikes and 12 riders. We left sat morn at 8am with Wilma following in her cage. We went up I-26 to I-40 then west on 19/23. Stopped at Western Sizzlin in Bryson City for lunch then on to Freeman's Motel. After a short break it was on to the Dragon. It was a GREAT ride! We ate dinner at the New Happy Garden Chinese restaurant in Cherokee. 8am Sunday morn we headed out to Robbinsville for breakfast, then back to the dragon and on to the Cherohola Skyway with a detour to Bald River Falls on the way. We made it back to Robbinsville for lunch at 3pm then back home. This one took in about 600 miles. To those of you that couldn't make it you missed a great ride.

There are pictures at www.moonshinephoto.com  click on find your photo Deals Gap, then click on Sat. May 12,2007, then click on cruisers, touring bikes,trikes,  go to the bottom and click on thunbnails: 100 standard (5 X 20), then go to page 12 and 14 we're on those two pages. Also go to www.killboy.com and do the same thing. Everyone but Joe are under the cruisers pages 8,9,and 10. Joe is under touring bikes page 2 and 3.




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