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Ride Date

Ride Details

December 20, 2008

Saturday 12/20/08 we met at the WH at 9am and headed out Hwy 176 to Hwy 11 to Echo Valley where we stopped for a short break. While there it started a light drizzle that didn't last long so we moved on up to Caesars Head where we stopped for some shopping. After leaving there we continued on into Brevard for for lunch at Dugans Pub. The food was great as usual and Jeff and Josh Smith found a new place to eat... After lunch we took Hwy 276 into Hendersonville where we stopped at a gun shop to look and shop around. From there it started a light rain all the way back, we took I-26 back into Spartanburg where we split up and headed for home. GREAT RIDE for those who didn't make it I hope to see you next week.


December 18, 2008

Thursday night 12/18/08 was bike night at Fat'z had new members Josh Smith and Shelly Sizemore showing up for our last bike nite of the year. This was also Grasshopper's first meeting since becoming a member. Perry and Kay was there along with Kim and myself, we had a good meeting with lots of talking.


December 13, 2008

Joe, Sarge and myself met at the Waffle House where Kim joined us for breakfast. Chief couldn't make the ride but he brought Chopper back, said he drank all the beer he had and chased his cats away. They were in hiding the whole week and needed a break. After breakfast we headed up Hwy 176 to a Bike Swap Meet were we stopped for a while, then it was up Hwy 176 to Hwy 108 and the Columbus Sheriff Dept to drop off toys for the missed Saluda Toy Run. After we left there Sarge took over as Road Captain and lead up Hwy 9 thru Lake Lure and Chimney Rock to I-40 and over toward the Ashville area to visit a Harley Davidson Shop. After that we went to lunch at the Moose Cafe' in Asheville, NC. This place is a must for our favorite places to eat list. The food is GOOD COUNTRY COOKING and Great!!! From there we got back on I-40 to Hwy 25 and back down to M & R Cycle for a short stop and look. After there we went into Arden where Sarge wanted to check out a Bed and Breakfast. Then we got on Hwy 280 to I-26 east where we all split up and headed for home. For those of you who missed the ride it was great.


December 6, 2008

This was our monthly meeting at the Beacon. Ric and Linda, Joe, Sarge, Chief, Michael M, Perry, Kim and myself were there for breakfast. Cheryl wasn't feeling well but she'd had enough of Chopper and brought him back. After breakfast Michael and Kim left for parts unknown while the rest of us took our toys and headed for The Shop Toy Poker Run at The Shriner's Club off of Hwy 129. Chief agreed to take Chopper after some arm twisting, I sure hope Chopper behaves himself. After lunch we made it to Southport Spirit and Sports Bar where we joined other bikers for the Christmas Parade. Last stop was Rascals Bar and Grill where we all split for home.


December 4, 2008


Bike Nite

Thursday December 4th was our bi-monthly meet and eat at Fatz Cafe'. Joe, Ric and Linda, Sarge, Perry, Barry (who was doing good since his accident) Kim and myself were able to make it. We discussed the upcoming toy ride and some future rides. The food was good and we had a good time.


November 22, 2008

Prepared by Joe 2nd:


We had 7 bikes and 9 riders for the Toys-for-Tots run (and unofficial polar bear run). Sarge, Barry, Rick C., Ric and Linda, Cheryl and Pam, Steve Eplee and me headed out for the assembly point in Greenville with the temperature around 20. We took John Dodd to Hwy 129 to Hwy 29 and cut through some back roads to Haywood Road. After a couple of hours waiting we headed out on the parade route. There were large gaps in the bikes and a lot of speeding up and slowing down and during one of these slow downs Barry got sideways, hit a pot hole and went down. Barry now has the “Pot Hole of Death” trick to add to my “Curb of Death” trick. Barry got a ride to the hospital to fix what we now know is a broken shoulder blade. Most of the group was in front of us so Sarge, Ric and Linda and I stayed with him until he had left for the hospital. Ric and Linda then went to meet up with the group and let them know what was happening while Sarge and I stayed with his bike until it was picked up and then we went on to the Harley shop. After meeting with the rest of the group we headed to Fuddruckers for a late lunch and then headed for home.



November 13, 2008


Bike Nite


November 8, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


With 6 bikes and 7 riders, to include Kim, Barry, Greg, Rick S., Valerie, Kelly (Val’s daughter) and me, we headed north with no route planned. We started by going up Hwy 176 to Hendersonville NC and then Hwy 25 into Asheville with a stop at MR Cycle (this is a huge metric dealership that carries Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki and a ton of accessories ). After some shopping we back-tracked and got on the BRP over to Hwy 191 with a stop at the Moose Café for lunch. After lunch we got on I-40 and headed down to Parkway Harley-Davidson (Note: They were having a clearance sale with lots of parts and apparel and not one of the Harley’s riders from the group was with us, boy’s this was your kind of party LOL!) We topping off the fuel tanks, and got back on I-40 and then off on the Hwy 9/Black Mountain exit and headed for the “Rock”. The “Leaf Lookers” had the “Rock” packed so we decided not to make a stop and instead head on down Hwy 9 and split off for home.


Another beautiful ride to nowhere in the mountains on our faithful “Steel Horses!” The weather, food and company was great and it was good to have the “Long time no see team” of Rick and Val taking in the Saturday air with us!


November 1, 2008

We met at the Beacon for our monthly meeting with new member Jeff Smith, Sarge, Joe, Cheryl, Ric and Linda, Kim and myself. After breakfast we headed out Hwy 29 north thru Gaffney and Blacksburg where we got on Hwy 5 over to Hwy 49 on into Lockhart for lunch at the Lockhart Cafe'. Chopper has been acting out and already went to stay with Rick and Sharon for 2 weeks, that was all they could handle. That beer drinkin, cigar smoking ape causes trouble where ever he goes. He kept fighting with Roadkill so Cheryl offered to take him with her on her bike after lunch. We headed back Hwy 9 thru Pacolet Jeff went back Hwy 49 and everyone else stayed on Hwy 9 to Hwy 176 where Kim and I split off for home. I sure hope Chopper behaves himself , last we saw him he was hanging over Cheryl's windshield waving at all the girls going by...


October 18, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


For you that keep missing the really good rides, is that boot you should be kicking yourself in the buttocks with beginning to sting a little? (cause it should be) With 8 riders, Toby & Kim, Rick & Sharon, Todd T., Ben (Chief), Joe and myself headed out from the Waffle House for our trek to Maggie Valley/Cherokee, by way of I-26. We got of the interstate at Hwy 280 in search of feed for the steel horses and after several stops we finally found all grades at a Hess station on Hwy 25. After fueling and a short break we got up on the parkway and headed south toward Maggie. Right from the get go, Mother Nature put on one heck of a color show that went on for miles and miles and just to make sure we were in the fall spirit, she dropped the temps into the high 40’s, low 50’s with a nice wind chill factor as we headed to the higher elevations. I had forgotten that this part of the parkway has the highest point along the whole road and buddy it was right brisk when we hit the 6000 ft mark. But as all things go up they must come down, so as we started descending toward Maggie and the end of the parkway the temps went up a little and we got off on Hwy 19 and headed to our lunch location the Grizzly Grill in Maggie Valley (mmm, mmm good bar-b-que). After lunch Joe, Toby & Kim split off and headed for home and the rest of us went down to the Wheels Thru Time Motorcycle Museum (which by the way is closing in November, so if you haven’t been there it’s worth the trip) and after walking around we got back on Hwy 19 and headed for to Jack’s Leather Shop for a little shopping. Then it was back on Hwy 19/23 to Hwy 112 to Hwy 191 on to I-26 and home.


It was one he** of a great ride even with the cold temps and Mother Nature did not disappoint with her color show, so if you thought you had something better to do…WRONG!


October 16, 2008


Bike Nite


October 11, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


Due to lack of participation, the trip to the Dillard House was cancelled. After breakfast with Toby and Kim, Joe and I instead headed for Asheville NC up I-26. We decided to check out the motorcycle dealers in the area and our first stop was Parkway Harley-Davidson (formerly Gene Lummis) just off I-40 at exit 59. This is a nice dealership with some down home friendly folks and if you have a Harley or looking to buy one, you might want to give them a try for sales or parts and apparel. We had passed a restaurant when we got off I-26 on to Hwy 191 called the Moose Café and Joe had heard it was a good place to eat so we back tracked to check it out and good was an understatement, they had meat and veggie plates that melt in your mouth. After lunch we went through downtown Asheville trying to find a cycle place that Joe remembered from years ago, but it had closed or moved. Joe in the lead, we headed onto the BRP and took it back to Hwy 25 looking for a dealership that is right outside of Asheville towards Hendersonville (I thought it was in Fletcher, I was wrong) but we had got back on Hwy 25 well down below it, so we kept heading for Hendersonville and gas. Gas…only if you wanted regular and wouldn’t you know it, Joe and I use premium, so after 5 or 6 tries we finally fueled up and got back on I-26 headed for “The Rock” where we made a stop at Heavenly Hoggs and had some patches sewn on. Then it was back down Hwy 9 with a stop at Red, White and Biker and then we split off for home.


Footnote: For those that didn’t show, you missed some nice weather, great food and great roads (so go ahead and kick yourself in the a** for thinking you had something more important to do!). Next weekend’s ride on the BRP should be fantastic because the leaves on the parkway and in the Asheville area were turning nicely, this should be a great year for color!


October 4, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


Six folks made it to breakfast: Joe, Toby, Kim Todd T., Chief and me. Toby and Kim are still without two wheels and Joe had a wedding to go to, so Todd T., Chief and I headed for the mountains via Hwy 9 to “The Rock” with a small detour on the “Mini Dragon” around the back of Lake Lure, then Hwy 64 over to Hendersonville to Binions Roadhouse for lunch (by the way you’ll missed some good burgers) We decided to go back by way of Hwy 25 and stop at Cruisers in Greenville and after buying the store out we headed back to downtown via Hwy 123 to Hwy 29 and made a stop at Cycle Gear. We then got back on Hwy 29 and headed for home.


October 2, 2008


Bike Nite


September 27, 2008

Prepared by Joe 2nd:


Greg, Rick, Christina and I met Kim and Toby at the Waffle House for breakfast before heading out for the ride. Toby and Kim were unable to ride due to divine intervention putting two bikes in the shop in the same week. We decided to keep the ride short because we were not sure about how much gas we would find. We headed up Hwy 176 to 11 and over to the 178 were Rick and Greg sucked the last few gallons out of the pumps. Since it was obvious that gas was going to be a problem and Christina had seen something about baklava ice cream at the Greek festival, we all decided that would be a good place for lunch. Rick called Sharon and Christina called Kim and Toby to have them met us at the festival. We left Hwy 178 and 11 and headed back to Spartanburg via Pumpkintown and Marietta. We rendezvoused with the others and enjoyed some good food and some great ice cream along with some really loud music that no one understood.

All in all, the ride was a little chilly and a little damp, but everyone had fun and we found good food and a good time.

September 20, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


With 8 bikes and 9 riders we went after “Chopper” the state mascot down at Lake Murray. We left out of the Waffle House heading down Hwy 176 and it was cool ride on the way down, at Whitmire we split off Hwy 176 on to Hwy 121 and then down to Hwy 76 and then Hwy 6…wait a minute I didn’t see any signs that said Hwy 6, Toby did you see a sign that said Hwy 6? Joe saw Hwy 6 from the Tailgunner position and said he started waving his hands in the air, but we at the front missed it and continued down Hwy 76 half way to North Carolina and finally Joe pulled up and let me know we missed the road about 15 miles back! (Note to self: Don’t fall asleep on long stretches of straight roads, when you’re the Road Captain!) Anyway after backtracking we finally met up with the Low Country Chapter and went to lunch at the Dam Bar & Grill. Todd Rick & I had the Dam Cheeseburger and it was Dam good. Kim took a lot of Dam pictures while we were there with the new camera the chapter purchased for her and I hope the Dam shots turn out good. After lunch the low Country 2nd Officer handed over Chopper and then we all went down to take a look at the Dam (I sure hope Kim got some good Dam pictures while we were there) Alias it was getting late so we bid the Low Country Chapter a fond ado and headed back to “Sparkle City” with our beer drinking, cigar smoking, girl chasing ape in tow…God help us all!


September 13, 2008

Our first progressive dinner was a success. The day started with Joe G., Ric and Linda going to the Red Cross poker run, then Ric and Linda meet up at the Waffle House with Joe and Christina, Rick and Sharon, Cheryl, Pam, Kim and myself, and Perry who lead the way to our first stop at his house. Kay and her sister set a fantastic table of appetizers, Fried shrimp, cheese sticks, bacon & turkey crackers, chips and dips, vegetable cups and drinks just to name a few things there. We stuffed ourselves there then headed to our next stop, Sharon's sister Kay who had a Bar-B-Que dinner with all the fixings waiting for us. After again filling ourselves up we headed to Bull and Reds house for desert. As usual Red made he Banana Split Pie, Banana Pudding, Blackberry Cobbler and all the fixings for Banana Splits. While we waited to get our desert Perry tried his hand at playing the piano while Rick picked a little on the guitar. After desert we all left for home. This was a great ride with great friends and great food.


September 6, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


We had a good group show up for the Meet and Eat, and everyone rode to Little Switzerland except Joe, Christina and Kim. We left out with me doing the Road Captain duties, and then Ben (Chief), Todd T., Cheryl, Steve & Carolyn, Barry, Rick & Linda and Toby bringing up the rear as Tailgunner. We headed through town and picked-up Hwy 221 with our first stop at the Shell Station at Hwy 221 & I-40 just outside of Marion NC. After a brief break we continued on up Hwy 221 and then left on the Hwy221/226A by-pass to Hwy 226A and then up the mountain to Little Switzerland and the Mountainview Restaurant. After lunch Todd and Barry split for home and the rest of us got on the BRP and headed to the top of Mt. Mitchell where we rode in the clouds on the way up. After a break we headed back down and got back on the BRP to Hwy 80 and then down the mountain to Marion and then Hwy 221 back home with our last stop at the Hot Spot in Chesnee SC, where everyone split for home.


August 30, 2008

We left the Waffle House with 8 bikes and 11 riders, Jason A. leading the way as our road captain, Michael and Michelle, Perry, Rick, Todd and Penny, Joe and Laura, Kim and myself. We went up Hwy 176 over to Hwy 11 and a brief stop at Echo Valley. We continued on Hwy 11 over to Hwy 276 to Hwy 64 with a stop in Brevard for gas. We then went on up Hwy 276 into Waynesville, NC where we stopped at Bogart's for a great lunch. After lunch Jason lead everyone but Rick, Kim and myself back home by way of I-26. Rick, Kim and myself went over to Lake Junaluska to the Folk Festival, it was great!!! We decided to stay overnight and go back home Sunday by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This was a great weekend to ride, perfect weather and great friends.


August 23, 2008

We left the Waffle House with 4 bikes and 7 riders, Sarge, our road captain and wife Theresa, Ric and Linda, Joe, Kim and myself. We headed out Hwy 176 to Hwy 11 with a stop at Echo Valley. we then went up Hwy 11 to Hwy 178 to Hwy 64 and into Highlands for lunch at Don Leon's. After lunch we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls, not much water there and we tried to stop at Dry Falls but the parking lot was under construction and closed. Sarge then took us up toward Franklin where we picked up 23/441 over to Hwy 107 then back down to Highlands. We then went Hwy 64 to Hwy 281 but Joe needed gas and the electric was out everywhere so we went back to Highlands for gas then took Hwy 107 south over to Hwy 130 to Hwy 11 in Salem. We stopped at Echo Valley for an ice-cream break, then everyone headed for home. This was a great day for riding, hope to see ya'll soon.


August 16, 2008

We had 4 bikes and 7 riders leave the Waffle House. We made our way over to Hwy 29 and on into Gaffney where we stopped at Hardies and met up with Michael and Michelle. We continued on 29 to the turn off to Kings Mountain National Park, after stopping there we picked up Hwy 55 to Hwy 557 on in to T-Bones on Lake Wiley. We met up with Cricket and some of her group for supper. After sometime spent with friends we left for home. We went back Hwy 557 to Hwy 55 to Hwy 5 where we ran into the rain or should I say liquid moonshine (there was almost a full moon). We stopped and put our rain gear on, even Lucky had his and went up to Hwy 29 back to Spartanburg where we all split up for home. We had a great time and I hope to see ya'll Thursday night at Beef O' Brady's.


August 9, 2008

The weather was great and Joe, Ben (Chief), Todd & Penny (Ben’s friends) and myself had a thoroughly enjoyable ride to Brevard, NC. We left Spartanburg and headed up Hwy 176 to Campobello and then up Hwy 11 with a stop at Echo Valley and then is was up Hwy 178 to Hwy 64, over to Hwy 215, up to the BRP with a stop at one of the overlooks. Then it was back down Hwy 276 with a stop at Looking Glass Falls and then into Brevard for lunch at Dugan’s Pub where the food was great as always. After lunch we headed down Hwy 64 to Kanuga Rd to Erkwood Rd into Hendersonville and then over to I-26 south back to home.


Good friends + Good roads + Good food + Good weather = A Great Ride!


August 8, 9 & 10, 2008


Pigeon Forge Over-Nighter


We had a GREAT time this weekend. First let me thank Butch and his brother Tommy who planned this weekend, we had fun! We started at the Waffle House with 10 bikes with 2 riders and 3 in the chase cage, Bull and Red, Ric and Linda, Rick C., Cheryl and her sister Pam along with her uncle Maurice and his son Scott, Michael, Justin and myself. Kim, Michelle and Sharon followed in the cage. We headed up Hwy 176 to I-26 where we got off at Hwy 11 and met up with Butch and Barbara and their 2 grandkids, Stormy and Hammer. From there we continued up I-26 to Hwy 191 over to Hwy 19/23 all the way to Maggie Valley where we stopped for lunch at Country Vittles, good food and friendly waitresses. After lunch we got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and took it into Cherokee. We took Hwy 441 (great road) over the mountains and into Pigeon Forge and the Norma Dan Hotel. That evening after supper we played a game of spoons and some Poker, then Rick got out his guitar and we all sat around and sang the night away. Next morning after breakfast Tommy led us on a ride around Pigeon Forge out Hwy 411 to Lois's Country Kitchen, the food was great country cookin' and plenty of it. We went thru Newport on to Hot Springs and down Hwy 209 and into Lake Junaluska on into Waynesville and Maggie Valley where we stopped at Legends Sports Grill then we went back to the hotel by way of Hwy 441.
That evening Butch did a B-B-Que for us, and we surprised Red on her birthday with a cake. Rick, Justin, and Bull went on a late night ride to Townsend and back. Sunday morning after breakfast we headed home by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We got off on Hwy 74 for a picnic lunch break with leftovers from the B-B-Que. We stayed on the Parkway all the way to Hwy 191 in Asheville where Ric and Linda split off for home and the rest of us stopped at the Discount Shoe Store. Then we went down I-26 to home.


August 7, 2008


Bike Nite



August 2, 2008

We had a lot of new friends make the meeting and ride Saturday. There were 17 folks who showed up for our meeting, Joe, Sarge, Cheryl, Rick and Sharon, Butch and Barbara, Kim and myself. Also there was Benny Holden who had some of his friends with him, Sheila, Larry and Betty, Todd and Penny, also we had Rick and Linda joining us from Pacolet. After our meeting Rick, Sharon, Cheryl, Butch and Barbara had to leave and the rest of us headed to Charlie T's. We went down Reidville Rd over to Hwy 29 to Gap Creek Rd to Hwy 14 and up to Hwy 414, Then up Tigerville Rd to Chinquapin Rd to Hwy 11 to Hwy 276 down to the Spinx in Marietta. After a quick stop we went down Hwy 186 to Hwy 8 then down Hwy 178 to Hwy 93 where we stopped at the Pumpers in Liberty. After a short break we went to Hwy 76 on in to Charlie T's. We sat outside at tables along the river under the trees where we had a cool breeze while we ate lunch. We left there and headed back north on Hwy 76 to Hwy 133 to the Texaco on Hwy 183. After some fuel and something cool to drink it was decided to take Hwy 183 all the way to Cruisers in Greenville. After everyone got what they wanted Sarge, Todd and Penny headed down Hwy 25 and toward home, the rest of us went on down Hwy 183 to Hwy 253 and the Dairy Queen for a cold ice cream treat. We left there and went down Hwy 253 till we came to Hwy 276 where Benny, Sheila, Larry, Betty, Kim and myself split off and headed up 276 to Tigerville Rd to Hwy 11. We got to 11 and the heavens opened up and we got soaked. We stopped at the Spinx ay Hwy 14 and 11. After waiting for the rain to slow down Kim and I went back home and the others headed toward Gaffney and home. Hopefully Joe and Sarge did better than we did. This was a good ride, a little hot sometimes but still a good ride. 


July 27, 2008

 We meet at Papa's Breakfast Nook in Spartanburg for Breakfast. After breakfast Perry and Kay again led the way in the Miata followed by Charlie and Wilma, Chris and Nicki, Bull and Red, Cheryl, Grasshopper, Kim and myself. We went up St. John St. to Hwy 176 to Hwy 221 and on into Chesnee for another bike show. Todd and his brother PJ along with Monica joined us there. We also meet a few other Southern Cruisers while there. Perry, Kay, Chris, Nicki, Charlie and Wilma all left there for home and the rest of us went on down Hwy 11 to the Hwy 11 Cafe' and had lunch (Which was great as usual). After lunch it looked like rain so Todd and Monica headed back home and the rest of us went on down Hwy 11 to Hwy 9 to Hwy 14 and on into Tryon's Horse Country. We came back out on Hwy 176 and went up the Saluda Grade. Then we went over Mt. Page Rd to the Greenville Water Shed to Camp Old Indian Rd to Old Hwy 101 to Hwy 11 and the Spinx at Hwy 14. From there we all split-up and went our separate ways. As always you can't go wrong in the mountains, another great ride.


July 26, 2008

We left the Waffle House at 4:30pm with 11 bikes and 16 riders, Joe, Christina, Michael and Sharon, Rick and Sharon, Todd, Bull and Red, Joe and Linda, Cheryl, Charlie, Grasshopper, Kim and myself. We went up Hwy 176 to Hwy 11 over to Echo Valley where we stopped for a quick break. Michael and Sharon had to break off and head back home while the rest of us went up River Falls Rd. to Gap Creek Rd. to Hwy 25 and on into Hendersonville, NC and the bike rally on Main St. While there we met up with Perry and Kay and Joe's mom Nancy and her friend who joined us at the Black Rose for supper. Afterward we checked out the bikes and met up with some of the Southern Cruisers from Hendersonville. We left there with Perry and Kay in the road-captain position driving the Miata, with the rest of us in tow. We went up Hwy 64 to Lake Lure, then Hwy 9 into Spartanburg. Each of us broke off for home along the way. This was another great evening ride.


July 24, 2008


Bike Nite

We had a good meeting last night, 18 folks and Roadkill showed up. We got things lined up for Saturdays ride and our upcoming Pigeon Forge Weekend in two weeks. After supper most of us went outside to watch the bike games. All and all a good meet.


July 18, 19, 20 2008


GA State Rally

First let me say "We had a great time at the rally". We left the Waffle House after an early breakfast with Rick (Sharon was there to see us off), Joe, Bull and Red, Michael and Michelle, Kim, Grasshopper and myself and headed down I-85. We stopped at the Laurens Rd. exit to pick up Todd and his friend Gina then on down 85 to Georgia. We then took Hwy 129/11 to Hwy 369 in Gainesville, Ga., a good long back road that goes over Lake Lanier all the way to Cumming, Ga. where we stopped Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q II for some good B-B-Que along the way. Then we picked up Hwy 20 the rest of the way to Cartersville, Ga. and the rally. After we checked in and checked things out we went to Ryans for supper, then back to the rally. We meet up with our state officer Zeke and his wife Dana and helped to put up the SC tent. The next morning after breakfast Joe, Grasshopper, Rick, Todd and Gina, Michael and Bull headed out for the dice run while I stayed at the rally with the ladies. The dice run turned out to be a really long one, the guys meet up with Zeke and Dana and Zeke took them all the way to Alabama. They crossed over Weiss Lake and on the way back stopped at Cave Spring Cafe' in Cave Spring, GA. for lunch. They made it back to the rally around supper time so we went to Buffalo's Cafe where they give bikers a discount, but they card everyone myself included and we rode in Joe's truck! The food was great and Bull talked us into trying some fried cheesecake, it was worth the trying. When we got back to the rally those that wanted to were able to try some BB Juice, don't know what's in it but it was real good. After a lot of socializing and meeting new friends everyone turned in. The next morning after the blessing of the bikes and packing up it was time to say goodbye to old friends and some new ones also. This time we took Hwy 20 all the way to I-85. We stopped at the Golden Corral in Cumming, Ga. to eat lunch and everyone got stuffed, then on to 85 and home. We stopped at the Spinx at Hwy 14 and 85 and everyone split up from there. It was a great weekend with great friends and the total mileage was 653 miles.
Saturday Sarge and Greg went up to Mountainview. You know they had a great ride.


July 12, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


It was a great ride to Maggie Valley, NC, we had 7 riders: Perry, Rick, Greg, Cheryl, Joe, me and one of our new members Ben from Blacksburg. Since we have 3 Ben’s now and after finding out he’s a retired Navy E-7 I think his nickname has to be “Chief”. We left out of “SparkleCity” and headed up Hwy 176 to I-26 towards Asheville, NC and we got off at the Biltmore Mall on Hwy 191 and then went north on Hwy 112 to Hwy 19/23 and then Hwy 19 into Maggie Valley. Since we got up there around 10:30 am, we stopped in a parking lot and Joe entertained us with a cycle trick called “The Curb of Death”, I didn’t realize a Harley had such great ground clearance (NOT…LOL!) anyway since we had some time before lunch we stopped in at Jack’s leather Shop and the Wheels through Time Museum. Around 12:00 we headed up to one of the camp sites where Perry hooked up with some friends and then it was off to Legends Sports Grill for some great eats (this needs to go on our favorites list). After lunch we headed over to the BRP and headed towards Asheville, (man, it was nice up there with temperature in the high 70’s) and got off at Hwy 276 and headed for Brevard and then to Hendersonville on Hwy 64 to I-26 back to South Carolina where folks started splitting off for home.


If you weren’t there, go ahead and kick yourself in the butt for missing an awesome ride.


July 10, 2008


Bike Nite

We had 14 folks show up, Joe and Christina, Sarge, Rick and Sharon, Michelle, Perry, Barry and Melissa, Todd, Cheryl and her mom Nedra, Kim and myself who got there 1hr. late, thanks everyone for waiting on us. We discussed Saturdays ride and the Ga.. rally, and as you know Kelly and Jason had their daughter (Emily Brooke) while we were busy stuffing ourselves. Thanks everyone who showed up, we had a good meet and eat.


July 5, 2008

We had 12 folks show up at the Beacon including new member Joe Guthrie and his wife Laura. After the meeting Joe and Christina, Sarge,  Michael (Highpockets) M, Rick, Michael and Sharon, Kim and myself headed out Reidville Rd. to Oak Grove Rd. to Hwy 29 to Hwy 357 to Goodjoin Rd. to Hwy 414 where we lost Sarge when he had to stop for gas. Then up Tigerville Rd. to Hwy 11 to Echo Valley for a quick stop. While we were there Sarge got a call and had to leave so the rest of us went on up Hwy 11 to River Falls Rd. to Gap Creek Rd down Hwy 25 over to Old Hwy 25 and thru the Greenville Watershed. Then we went up Mt. Page Rd over to Hwy 176 in Saluda where the main roads were blocked off for Coon Dog Day and we had to detour around the town and back on to Hwy 176 and down the grade to Side Street Pizza in Tryon. After a good lunch we all split up for home.
For those of you going to the Ga. State Rally please e-mail me and let me know so we can get together with a time to leave Friday morning


June 28, 2008

Our first evening ride turned out Great! We left the parking lot next to Chiefs with 7 bikes and 10 riders and headed out Reidville Rd over to Woodruff Rd. and the Red Robin for burgers. While we were there Nicki and her accomplices' told the staff it was my birthday and got them to sing Happy Birthday to me, of course it wasn't my birthday but I got an ice cream sundae out of it. After supper we headed back by way of  Garlington Rd. to Pelham Rd. to the Spinx on Hwy 14 where we stopped for gas. From there we headed north and Joe and Christina broke off on Hwy 80 for home. Next Bull and Red left us to stop at McDonalds to get food for the kids. We continued on up Hwy 14 to Chris and Nicki's house where they left us. Then at the Spinx at Hwy 11 Rick and Sharon, and Kim and myself split up for home. 


June 21, 2008

WOW!!! What a great day for a ride and picnic. We left the WH with 5 bikes and riders and headed up Hwy 176 to the Hot Spot in Landrum. From there we went thru Tryon's Horse Country on Blockhouse Rd and Hunting County Rd. down to Prince Rd. and on to Hwy 14. Then we went to Blue Ridge Church Rd. to Oak Grove Rd. to Hwy 11 and over to N. Barton Rd to Hwy 414 to Hwy 25. From there we went north to Old Plantation Rd. to Edwards Rd to Hwy 276 and then to the Spinx in Marietta. We left the Spinx on Hwy 276 to Old Hwy 25 over to Hwy 290 to Tigerville Rd. the back roads over to Hwy 357. We then went down Holly Springs Rd. to Little Mountain Rd. to Gibbs Rd. over to Jordan Creek Rd to Lake Cooley and the Picnic. We had Joe and Christina, Rick and Sharon, Lucky and Kay, Jason and Kelly, Barry, Grasshopper, Kim and myself and our 3 grandkids show up for the picnic. The food was great and the dessert was plentiful. Rick and Perry played the guitars and sang for us with the rest of us joining in when where we could. After we cleaned up everyone headed home.


June 14, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


With 8 bikes and 9 riders we left “Sparkle City” on our mystery ride to the mountains, which quickly turned in to a ride to Dugan’s Pub in Brevard NC. We headed out Hwy 176 to Campobello, were we picked up Hwy 11 to Hwy 178 up the mountain and than Hwy 64 over to Hwy 215. Being that it is June and we were in the mountains, “Mr. Liquid Sunshine” had to make an appearance half up Hwy 215 to the BRP and then on and off until we got off the parkway on to Hwy 276. Now being the nice guy that he is and since the light rain had got dirt all over our pretty chrome, he decided to help us out by opening the flood gates to wash it all off and he turned Hwy 276 into a small river (what a deal, a bike ride and a rafting trip, two for the price of one, it just don’t get better than that!) When we finally got back to Hwy 64 and into Brevard, the clouds had parted and we had a nice sunny lunch at Dugan’s. After lunch it looked like Mr. Liquid Sunshine was going to rear his ugly head again over towards Hendersonville, so after checking the Weather Doppler on Joe’s “Swiss Berry” we decided to go back over Caesar’s Head on Hwy 276 (where we stopped and took in the view) and then back down Hwy 11 to the Sphinx, where everyone split for home.


June 7, 2008 For those of you who missed Saturdays ride because you thought it would be too hot- WRONG!!! We met at the Beacon with 4 bikes and riders, Rick, Kim and myself, Joe got there late because he forgot and went to the Waffle House and ate (thanks Christina for reminding him about the Beacon). On the way to the Hot Spot in Chesnee to meet Perry (Lucky), Rick picked up a friend, Heather. We went up Hwy 221 to Hwy 70 to Hwy 64 at this point it was a little warm but not bad. Then we went to Hwy 181 to Hwy 183 over to  Famous Louise's Rock House Cafe' for another Great lunch. Joe ordered the blueberry pie alamode for desert which he shared with us, great pie. We left there and went up to the parkway and on to Mt. Mitchell. By the time we got there the gnats and bugs were pretty bad so we took a quick break. When we got ready to leave Rick noticed the liquid sunshine clouds approaching so he gave Heather his frog-togs to put on the rest of us decided to chance it. When we got to the bottom entrance of Mt. Mitchell we could see the clouds getting darker by the minute so we decided to pull over and put on our gear, all but Rick who had given his to Heather and Lucky (?) who didn't have his. As we headed on down the parkway the thunder and lightning started then the clouds opened up with the worst downpour I've ever ridden in then the hail started. I was leading and the rain was so heavy I had to stop and take my glasses off so I could see out the side of my helmet, when I put my head down I could follow the the yellow lines on the road when the water wasn't so deep it covered them up. We finally came to the only tunnel that had an area large enough to pull off and that's what we did. We weren't the only ones there, bikes and cars alike took a break from the storm. After the rain slowed down we headed back out toward Hwy 80. The road was covered in heavy debris, this is not a road to take in a heavy downpour. We made it down to Hwy 221 and off the mountain without any problems. At the Shell station we stopped for a much needed coffee break to warm up, it was cold in them there mountains. At the Hot Spot in Chesnee Rick, Heather and Lucky split for home and Joe, Kim and myself went to the Waffle House on Hwy 221 for supper. Afterward we split up and headed home. This is one ride I'll never forget.

May 31, 2008

This was another great day to ride. We had 6 bikes and riders show up, Joe, Greg, Todd, Cheryl, Kim and myself. After much discussion it was decided that it would rain in NC so we headed south to Anderson and Grits and Groceries. We headed out Hwy 56 to Hwy 29 and over to Reidville Rd to Hwy 417. From there we went Hwy 247 to Hwy 20 to Hwy 252 to Hwy 185 and on into Grits and Groceries. The food was good as usual and Cheryl, Joe, and Greg tried the Red Velvet Cake and Todd tried a Praline Pecan Pound Cake for desert. Then we headed back home on Hwy 185 to Hwy 123 to Hwy 133. We stopped at the Texaco on the corner of  Hwy 133 and Hwy 183 where Todd split off and headed home. The rest of us went up Hwy 133 to Hwy 186 on into Marietta and Hwy 276. After a brief stop at the Spinx we went up to Hwy 11 where Kim and I split off at our house and Joe lead the rest home by way of New Cut Rd.


May 29, 2008

Bike Nite

It was a great night to ride! We had 14 folks show up, Joe, Sarge, Todd, Grasshopper, Rick and Sharon, Cheryl and her mom, Perry and Kay, Jason and Kelly, Kim and myself. It was perfect weather so we ate outside on the porch. Christina showed up to late to eat but not to late for our good company. After much talking everyone split up and left for home.

May 25, 2008


Memorial Day Party


Chris & Nicki's


Chris and Nicki's Memorial Party on Sunday was Great Fun. Joe and Christina, Michael (Highpockets) and Michelle, Bull and Red, Ralph and Cindi, Todd, Kim and myself plus lots of others there to celebrate. There was swimming and games, and horseshoes not to mention a game of Texas Hold-em. Lots of good food to eat, Chicken of course, also Pork Roast, hot dogs, sausage, and all the fixin's and don't forget Red's Banana Split Pie and Christina's Dump Cake. After the party we all were invited to stay for Nicki's brothers wedding, then we all left for home.

May 24, 2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


We had five bikes make the run to Highlands NC. Perry’s wife Kay was going to join us but since no other ladies were riding, she thought the testosterone levels were going to get way out of control (LOL), so she went back home. Greg, Bull, Perry, Joe and I headed out Hwy 176 and then took I-26 to Hendersonville NC, where we got off on Hwy 64 and went through town and then followed it all the way to Highlands where we stopped for lunch at Don Leone’s. The owner told us of a restaurant in Clayton Ga. where the National Graffiti Champion had painted the walls, so after lunch we got on Hwy 106 and headed for Dillard Ga. where we ran into some “Liquid Sunshine” right outside of Highlands. After a brief stop to suit-up we continued on to Clayton and the restaurant “Rumor Haz It” and as promised it was pretty cool inside and the owner treated us to some sweet tea for making the trip to see it. After de-suiting we headed down Hwy 76 back towards Westminster SC and then Hwy 123 into Clemson SC and then into Greenville SC and hit Hwy 29 for home. I think the total mileage was about 250 miles and other than the one spot of “Liquid Sunshine” it was a great ride!


May 17,  2008

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


We had 9 bikes for the ride to the Twin Dragon. We left Spartanburg and headed up Hwy 176 until Campobello and then Hwy 11 with a stop at the Sphinx to hook up with Greg “The Dragon” Lancaster. We then proceeded up Hwy 11 to Hwy 178 up the mountain to Rosman NC then on to Hwy 64 to the Twin Dragon. Greg had to head back, so he didn’t stay for lunch, but the rest of us enjoyed a great one. After lunch we headed down hwy 64 and then up Hwy 276 to the BRP and followed it back to Hwy 191 into Asheville NC with a stop at Discount Shoes. We then headed into town to the Mission Hospital to check on Rocky Rockwood who had an accident during the SC Rally. He is doing much better and is making progress every day (please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!) We then headed back down Hwy 25 towards Hendersonville where Perry, Rick, Christina and I split off and came back down the mountain on I-26.


May 15, 2008

                  Bike Nite

We had 11 members show up for bike nite, Joe and Christina, Rick and Sharon, Perry and Kay, Sarge, Cheryl, Barry, Kim and myself. The food was good as usual but the rain kept all the bikes away. We discussed up-coming rides and events and after much talk everyone headed home.  


May 8, 9, 10 2008

SC State Rally

Our first State Rally is in the books and it was a Huge Success.
First Joe and I want to thank everyone for all the work and time you put in to make our first state rally a Great Success, we couldn't have done it with out you.
We got to the hotel Thursday in time for all the early arrivals and after hello's and check-in everyone went to supper at the Junction in Spartanburg. We had some special folks from Rowestown, Barntown, County Wexford, Ireland, Tony and Maggie Moran. They came to the states to buy a Gold Wing and found our rally and stayed till the end. The food was good and afterward everyone went back to the hotel to listen to a great band- Country Cookin'. Our own Rick Childers and Perry Clary have a great band, maybe we can get them next year? After much socializing our local chapter headed home, only to come back early the next morning.
Friday morning was a great day for riding and boy did we get to ride. Sarge took a group on the Mountain View Run, which a lot of our members also went on. Joe took a group on the Rock House Run. Rick took a group on the Chimney Rock Run, and I took a group on the Saluda Grade Run. After a full day of riding most everyone gathered at the hotel restaurant for an Italian buffet followed by a fun filled night of Karaoke.
Saturday was another great day for riding and we started off with the dice run. Our chapter ran all the tables for the dice run and after it was over Perry won with the highest total of dice with 73 and someone from Pa. won the lowest total with 33. After the run we had bike games where Perry came in second on the slowest bike. Charlie's bike won 1st place. And Joe' mom Nancy won the 50/50 drawing. Our chapter placed in all the activities, Great going everyone. That evening Ben and Laura showed up to spend sometime with all of us and we went out for supper at Ryan's. From there Ben and Laura went home and the rest of us went back to the hotel to party with other cruisers and sing Karaoke, then all went home.
Sunday started out with rain as everyone checked out and headed back to their homes. Some missed the rain others didn't but all made it home safely.
Sarge's "Carolina Cruiser" Tour Report
 I was tasked to lead the cast and camera crew of “Carolina Cruiser” around to the different stops on the Dice Run to film this part of the SC Rally for an upcoming show. So along with my faithful wingman Todd, we left out of the motel with the show’s host’s “Big Al” and Haley (the wonder dog) on our bikes with their cameraman in tow in his cage. 1st stop was “Moonlite Cycle’s” off of Reidville Rd, where “Big Al” interviewed the owner and then myself, Rick, Perry, Jason and attempted to talk to Barry who declined (most likely because of the witness protection program, LOL). After filming at Moonlite Cycle’s finished we headed back through “Sparkle City” to the 2nd stop Harley-Davidson of Spartanburg. At the Harley shop our Dice Run was one of three events going on to include “Harley’s and Hotrod’s” and the “Ride for Life” Poker Run.

Big Al and Haley started working the crowd and interviewing the guy’s driving the Classic Hot Rod’s and performing tricks with Haley. Big Al had another event to cover for the show in Pickens so Todd and I continued along the Dice Run route to Red, White and Biker at Lake Bowen to check in with Michael and Sharon’s crew and then on to the Sphinx and Hwy 11 and 14 to check on Butch and Barbara’s crew. After the last group hit Butch’s stop we fell in behind them and headed back to the motel.


May 4, 2008

Joe and I went to Greenville to meet up with Zeke and the Sumter Chapter to pick up some things for the state rally. After that we took them to Lunch at the Junction in Spartanburg. We checked out the hotel and they left for home. Joe and I rode thru Chimney Rock and up to the parkway and then down the Saluda Grade. All and all this was a great weekend.

May 3, 2008

We had our meet and eat at the Beacon for breakfast. We discussed final plans for the rally and upcoming events. Christina, Kim, and Rick wanted to go to Brevard and the Twin Dragons but it looked like rain so we out-voted them and headed to the Anderson Jockey-lot. After we left there we went to Charlie-T's for lunch, the food was plentiful and great. Just as we finished lunch the rain started so off we went home by way of I-85. Luckily we were able to stay ahead of the heavy rain. We exited on Hwy 14 where Christina left us for home and the rest of us went on down Hwy 14 to Cherokee Trikes. There Ben and Rick test rode some bikes. After that we all split for home.


April 26, 2008

We left the Waffle House with 8 bikes and riders, Sarge, Joe, Rick, Perry, Michael M, Barry, Kim and myself. We went to the Country Hearth Hotel where the state rally is being held and ran the dice run route starting there. 1st stop was Moonlight Cycles then on to the Harley Shop in Spartanburg where we checked out the bikes. We left Harley and went up Hwy 221 to Hwy 11 to Hwy 9 to Red, White & Biker. We checked out the shop there, then Rick, Perry, Michael and Barry split for home and the rest of us headed toward Hwy 176 to eat lunch at the Dutch Plate in Campobello. It was a great place to eat, Joe even checked out the hotdogs (just ok nothing great). This place is a must add to our list of favorite places to eat. After lunch we finished the route ending at the Spinx at Hwy 11 and Hwy 14. From there we decided to check out Cruisers in Greenville. We went down Hwy 14 to Hwy 414 to Tigerville Rd. to Hwy 25 in Travelers Rest, then we stopped at Rol-N-Leather on Hwy 25 before stopping at Cruisers. From there Sarge and Joe headed toward Spartanburg and home and Kim and I headed back to the mountains and home. After we split up we all got caught in a downpour the rain coming down hard at times with some hail. Thankfully we all made it home safe...


April 24,  2008


Chris and Nicki renew their vows.

April 20, 2008

We had five riders and five bikes for Sunday’s ride.  Larry Simmons, Jason “Bull” Howard, Sarge, Christina and myself.  We left the Waffle House just after 10:15am and headed up New Cut Road to Hwy 11 and then Hwy 276 to Caesar’s Head and on to Brevard for a Dugan’s burger.  After lunch we gassed up and took back roads to Kanuga Road which we followed to Flat Rock. There we picked up Hwy 25 and 225 to Mt. Page Road to Saluda. We made a quick stop for ice cream at the Whistle Stop Café and made our way down the grade to the Hot Spot where we parted ways for home. 


This was an awesome day for riding, a little chilly in the morning but never too cold and never too hot.  This was one of those few days of the year that bikers live for.


April 17, 2008


Bike Nite

We had a good showing Thursday night, Sheryl and her mom were able to join in along with Joe and Christina, Rick and Sharon, Sarge, Barry, Michael M. and Michele their daughter and boyfriend, Kim and myself who was late as always. Prospective members Lori and Danny and some of their friends showed up also. We ate outside on the porch and the weather was great. Our next bike nite falls on the May 1st hope the weather is as good then.


April 15, 2008

Escort of The Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial


April 11, 12, & 13 2008

NC State Gathering

Chris, Nicki and their 3 boys, Todd, Kim and I left the Waffle house about 8:15am and headed out I-85 toward Asheboro. We got off on Hwy 64 and that took us the rest of the way in. Campers were already coming in for the weekend so we got our site and set up camp. Michael M. and his wife pulled in later that night. Friday was nice and hot with a lot of wind so it took some time to put the tarp up over our camp. We were right on the lake so everyone was fishing and meeting with other SCRC members from all over. That night we had the usual hotdogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings by campfire. Kim got up early the next morning and started coffee while I got to start the campfire, soon Nicki was up and helping with the breakfast followed by Chris, the boys and Todd. After breakfast everyone was out meeting and greeting and doing some more fishing. Joe, Rick, and Perry followed by Christina in the car arrived a little after 10am. Rick tried his hand at fishing but Todd was the big winner of the day with a big catfish 8+ lbs. About 11:30 we headed for the Golden Corral for lunch with other SCRC members. It started to rain on the way there but really came down while we were inside. After lunch we rode back in a light rain and waited under the tarp for the rain to stop. After meeting and giving out door prizes and raffle prizes there were bike games. Michael M. tried on the slowest bike contest but just missed it. After some fun and games Joe and the gang headed for home. That night there was a band and karaoke and we had a lot of fish at the campfire. After another day or fishing and relaxing we packed up and came home. It was a great get together and I hope we make it next year.


April 6, 2008

Early Ride Report by Joe,

We had 3 bikes show up for the first part of Sunday’s ride; Jason H., Christina and myself. We left the Waffle House shortly after 8:30 and made our way up Hwy 176 to Saluda and Mt. Page road.  We turned right on Hwy 225 into Hendersonville and then followed Kanuga Rd. to Penrose, NC and caught Hwy 64 to Brevard and the Twin Dragon Buffet.  After lunch we headed back toward Horseshoe, NC on Hwy 64 where we turned on to South Rugby Road where we rode through some nice pasture land.  After some zigzagging we again caught Hwy 64 to Chimney Rock and met with the rest of the group.


Late Ride Report by Toby,

We had 9 bikes and riders including Sarge, Todd, Perry, Rick, Ralph, one of our new/old members Steve Eplee, a friend Rahlow, Kim and myself show up at the Waffle House for the second half of today's ride. We went up Hwy 176 to Hwy 9 and into Lake Lure where we meet up with Joe (who has now gone over to the dark side with Perry and Charlie), Christina and Jason H. at the Harley shop. Joe was inside buying a new Harley patch for his vest while everyone else was checking out his new Fat Boy. Christina then let Joe buy her a new set of Saddle bags for her bike which he let her pay for!!
After she and I put her bags on we headed down to Duncan’s B-B-Que so those that were hungry could eat lunch. After lunch Rick took the lead and lead us home by way of Hwy 64 to Hwy 176 where Sarge broke off at I-26 and went home the rest of us went down the Saluda Grade and on to the Hot Spot in Landrum. After a brief stop we all split up and went our own ways home.


April 5, 2008

Meet & Eat at the Beacon Drive-In


April 3, 2008

Bike Nite

We had a good turn out for a cold wet Thursday night. We had 9 folks show up including Wilma who is doing a lot better, it was good to see her getting out and about. We discussed the upcoming rally and this weekends ride. Since it looks like rain Saturday we decided to ride Sunday also.
March 30, 2008 This was a colddd ride, Brrrr - one to go into the books for our polar bear division and in the springtime too. We had 4 riders, Charlie, Michael M, Kim and myself. When we left the Waffle House it was overcast and a balmy 46 degrees outside. We went up Hwy 176 to New Cut Rd to Good Join Rd to Hwy 414 to Hwy 276 in Marietta where we stopped at the Spinx for a much needed break for hot coffee. From there we went down Hwy 288 to Hwy 8 to Hwy 11 to River Falls Rd to Gap Creek Rd. And then we went down Hwy 25 to Old Hwy 25 thru the Greenville Water Shed to Mt. Page Rd where the temp reach a warm 40 degrees to the Saluda Grade then down Hwy 176 to Side Street Pizza for some good eats and time to warm up. Then we went down to the Hot Spot for gas, then we all split for home.
March 29, 2008 We had 7 members show up at the Waffle House, Joe, Sarge, Chris and Nicki, Jason H. and myself. After waiting to see what the weather would do it was decided to head out to Lockhart. We went down Hwy 176 to Hwy 56 to Hwy 221 to Hwy 215 into Union where we picked up Hwy 49 into Lockhart. There we met up with our state officer Zeke and the Sumter chapter for lunch at the Lockhart Cafe'. After lunch we headed back by way of Hwy 9 into Jonesville where we ran into rain and had to stop and put on our rain gear. We continued back home by way of Hwy 9/176


March 22, 2008 We had 7 bikes and 8 riders make it for our trek to the mountains, to include one of our new members Jason. We left out of the Waffle House and headed down Hwy 176 to Old Furnace Rd over to Hwy 221 where Ralph informed me at a stop sign that we had lost Toby and Kim. We continued to Chesnee where we stopped at the Hot Spot to call them and lo and behold Toby and Kim showed up and told us they dropped a wallet and had to circle back, but with the help of the “Afterburner” on the Yamaha they were back with us. We got back on Hwy 221 and headed for Marion NC and then turned up Hwy 226A and up the mountain we went to the Mountainview Restaurant at Little Switzerland. After a great meal and some bonding with the “Cat” (ok, I bonded with the cat) we took a shot and got on the BRP to head up to Mt. Mitchell, but alas it was only open for about a mile, so we got back on Hwy 226A and then Hwy 226 down the mountain to Marion and then Hwy 221 to Hwy 74A/64 over to the “Rock” where we stopped so Rick could look at some patches at Heavenly Hogs. On the way back towards Spartanburg on Hwy 9 we stopped at “Red, White and Blue Motorcycle Apparel” at Lake Bowen so Toby could work his magic and get the owner to donate some things for the SCRC SC Rally in May. Afterwards everyone started splitting off for home.


March 20, 2008

Bike Nite

We had 9 members show up tonight at Chiefs. We had a good meeting and discussed our plans for the state rally and upcoming rides. Sarge and Rick decided they were going to ride this Saturday so anyone who wants to ride be at the Waffle House by 9am ready to ride- bring your helmets.


March 16, 2008 We had a great ride, we started out at the Junction in Landrum at Hwy 11 and 14 for lunch. We had 10 folks show up, Charlie and his son Chet, Michael M., Michael and Sharon, Steve and Carolyn, Chris, Kim and myself. After lunch we headed out Hwy 11 and then thru some back roads to Hwy 25. From there we went up to Gap Creek Rd over to Hwy 11 and to the Texaco on Hwy 11 and 178. Michael M. and Michael and Sharon split off  there and headed back home the rest of us went on to Twin Falls and back, where Steve and Carolyn left us for home while we went down Hwy 11 to Hwy 133 to Hwy 8 where we made a pitstop. Chris got a call from Nicki wanting to ride so we headed back by way of Hwy186 to Hwy  414 to Hwy 14 where we stopped and picked up Nicki. At the Spinx at 14 and 11 Charlie and Chet headed home. Chris, Nicki, Kim and myself  then went up thru the horse country back roads in Landrum to Hwy 221 where we stopped at the Bantam Chef  for dinner. After dinner we all went home by way of Hwy 11.


March 9, 2006 We had a great ride Sunday. We met up at the Waffle House at 1:30pm. We had 10 bikes and 13 riders, Our Road Captain for the day Rick, Sarge, Cindi, Ralph, Todd, Steve and Carolyn, Chris and Nicki, new member Michael Moton, Joe, Kim and myself. Even our chapter mascot Roadkill decided it was time to brave the cold and join us for a ride. We took Hwy 9 into Lake Lure to Duncan's B-B-Que for lunch. After lunch Sarge split for home, and the rest of us did the mini dragon along the lake. Roadkill got a little cold and tried to jump off and find some place warmer luckily I was able to catch him just in time and he rode the rest of the ride tucked in behind the windshield, even Todd took time out of the ride for a short nap on the back of a buffalo. After the mini dragon Steve and Carolyn split for home and the rest of us went down Hwy 64 to Hwy 176 and down the Saluda Grade. We stopped at the Hot Spot in Landrum for some hot coffee then everyone split for home.


March 6, 2008


Bike Nite

We had 13 members and family show up including new member Todd Bednarski. We had a good meet and eat and discussed future rides and Rick and Perry's band playing at the state rally for us. Tracy aka Pickle Girl said she was to pickled out to perform her regular ritual, oh well maybe next time.


March 1, 2008 We had a good meeting at the Beacon with 16 members and family showing up. After breakfast Joe, Todd, Rick, Perry, Ralph, New member Chris and his son Christian, Kim and myself headed out thru the back roads (and Kim was quick to point out that I missed some turns, but I still got us there) to Grits and Groceries in Anderson. They take cash, checks and IOU's no plastic. This place was great with a lot of specialty dishes. Rick even talked our waitress out of the last hamburger (hers). Everyone had plenty to eat and Todd took a short nap afterward. This place is a must for our favorite eats. We headed home thru the back roads in Fountain Inn and Woodruff. We all split up on Hwy 101 near I-85 and went home.
February 23, 2008 We had I think 9 bikes and 9 riders make the trek to Lake Wiley and T-Bones. We left Spartanburg and headed out Hwy 29 with a fog thick as “Pea Soup!” We stopped at Hardee’s in Gaffney to hook-up with Greg and then we had Butch join us near Blacksburg. From there we headed through Kings Mountain National Park and then on to Hwy 55 to Hwy 557 to Clover SC and then Hwy 49 to Lake Wiley where the sun finally came out to greet us. We met up at T-Bones with Cricket and her Chapter from Charlotte and I think we had a grand total of 20 members present. After a great lunch we headed back Hwy 49 to Hwy 557 to Hwy 5 back to Hwy 29 to Gaffney and then down Hwy 11 with a stop at Ben Steagall’s to check on him now that he’s out of the hospital. After Ben’s everyone starting splitting up for home.


February 16, 2008 For those of you that missed Saturdays ride you missed a great one. We had 6 bikes and 8 riders. Sarge, Joe, Todd, Kim and myself left Wades and headed out Hwy 176 to Hwy 11 and to Echo Valley Gas stop where we meet up with Ralph, Michael and Sharon. While we were there they had a moonshine bust going on across the street. When we got ready to leave we were afraid Michaels bike would backfire and set off a shoot-out (no such luck). We left there and went down Moody Bridge Rd to Hwy 288 to Hwy 178 toward Rosman. From there we went Hwy 64 to Hwy 276 to Dugan's Pub for lunch, good as usual. After lunch Joe lead us thru back roads toward Hendersonville by way of Kanuga Rd. We went down Saluda Grade to the Hot Spot in Landrum where after a brief stop we all split up and headed for home. 


February 9, 2008

I was sorry to miss Saturdays ride, it sounded like a great ride. Sarge sent this report:  


We had a good ride and the weather was nice. Butch, Todd and myself met up at 

the Speedy Mart on Hwy 29 just outside of Gaffney and Butch lead us through   

the edge of town and then out through the country stopping at Sadie Mae's Cafe   

for lunch. This was one of the places that if you judged a book by it's cover   

you would never think to stop there, but if you didn't stop you'd be missing   

out on some of the best food ever (this place needs to go on our favorites)   

then through the Kings Mountain National Park. Then it was back to Gaffney   

where Butch split off and Todd and I headed back home via I-85.  


February 2, 2008 We had 10 members show up to the meet and eat at the Beacon, Butch and Barbara, Steve and Carolyn, Perry and his son Perry Jr., Sarge, Joe, soon to be new member Ralph Zimmerman and myself. After breakfast Butch, Barbara, Steve and Carolyn went home and the rest of us rode. We headed to Hwy 176 to John Dodd Rd. to New Cut Rd to Hwy 11 then on to the Spinx in Marrietta. There we met up with Todd and a friend Monica, but it was too cold for her to ride so they went back home. From the Spinx we went Hwy 288 to Marked Beech Rd to Moody Bridge Rd to Hwy 276 up to Jones Gap Rd to Gap Creek Rd down to Hwy 25. From there we went down Old Hwy 25 thru the Greenville Watershed to Mt Page Rd to Hwy 176 into Tryon. We stopped at Side Street Pizza for lunch. After lunch we headed back Hwy 176 and everyone split up for home.


January 26, 2008 We had 3 bikes and 3 riders show up, Sarge, Todd and myself. We went Reidville Rd. to Hwy 215 to Hwy 49 into Lockhart where we had lunch at the Lockhart Cafe'. After lunch we headed back Hwy 9 and to home.


January 24, 2008

Bike Nite

We had a good turn-out Thursday night. Our newest member Cheryl Smallwood came with a friend, it was a pleasure to meet them. Also members Jason and Kelly, Steve and Carolyn, Rick and Sharon, Joe, Barry, Justin and myself were there. The food was good as always.


January 10, 2008

Bike Nite


We had 11 folks show up for Bike Nite - Perry, Rick and Sharon, Sarge, Joe, Michael and Sharon, Todd, Justin, Kim and myself. We sat in the non-smoking section- WOW what a difference, we could actually read the menu. We had a great meet and eat.
January 5, 2008 First I'd like to thank everyone for showing up for our first meet & eat of the new year, 18 members showed up. After breakfast we had 4 bikes and 5 riders, Rick, Charlie, Kim and myself led by Sarge headed up 176 to the hot spot in Landrum then thru back roads in Tryon back to Hwy 14 then on into Hwy 221 to Chesnee and to Hwy 11 Cafe'. Had a great lunch as usual and afterward we all split up for home.

Don't forget this Thursday Jan.10th is Bike Night at Chiefs 7pm.

I haven't scheduled a ride this weekend, if anyone wants to ride let me know and I'll schedule one otherwise our next ride will be Jan19th.                     

April 11th and 12th is the NC State Rally in Asheboro, anyone wanting to go let me know. We will be leaving early Friday morning but you can ride up just for sat. This is a camping event with a hotel near by if needed. Reservations needed for RV's and pop-ups not for the tents, tent site is $10.00 a night.

May 9th and10th SC State Rally in Spartanburg. Make your reservations now.


January 1, 2008



Polar Bear


We had 3 bikes and 5 riders, Michael, Sharon, Kim and myself  went down Hwy 11 to New Cut Rd. where we watched a beautiful sunrise. We took New Cut Rd. to I-26 to the Newberry rest area where we met Rick  from the Oconee Chapter, we went down to I-77 over to 76 and then to15 on into Sumter for a great New Years Day lunch put on by the Sumter Chapter. After lunch we all went home the same way. This was a COLD! Polar Bear Ride. 357 miles round trip 

Don't forget this Saturday Jan.5th is our meet and eat at the Beacon Drive-In with a short ride to follow. SC State Rally is coming up May 9th & 10th here in Spartanburg. We need your input!!!



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