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Ride Date

Ride Details

October 3, 2009

 Prepared by: Sarge


I never realized how lonely the glassed room at the Beacon is when there’s only two people in it, honestly my chicken biscuit just didn’t taste the same! Could it be the weather?...no, there was a little fog on the way in but it burned off quick and the temp was suppose to be in the high 70’s. Could it be the food?...I don’t think so, it tasted as good as always (I even think the biscuit was a little fluffier than normal). That only leaves the company? ..I told Joe that the chapter likes it when he wears that neon green sleeveless t-shirt (that Joe’s a dead sexy man in that shirt) and maybe everyone else had a feeling that he wouldn’t wear it this morning, that had to be it!!

Joe and I headed out to Lockhart after breakfast to meet up with the Rock Hill Chapter, well I guess they found out he didn’t have the shirt on too, because right when we got there they were pulling out for home (damn you Joe, what were you thinking?) Val said they had got there early and had already ate and were pulling out for home. Joe and I decided to forgo the greasy spoon for lunch and headed back to Spartanburg for a cheeseburger at Ike’s (I know what you’re thinking, calling the Lockhart Café a greasy spoon and not Ike’s is the pot calling the kettle black). After lunch we needed a pick-me-up so we went to Spartanburg Harley to look at all the pretty chrome and shiny things and then we split for home!

September 12, 2009

 Prepared by: Sarge


Christina, Toby, Joe and I headed up Hwy 176 on our way to Grits & Groceries (wait a minute, you can’t get to Belton up Hwy 176) oh well the weather’s good maybe we will just go a further north and then turn west. Ok now were heading up Saluda Grade (I promise I’ll turn west at Hendersonville), crap now were in Hendersonville and my grip is coming off, better stop at Harpers’ Yamaha and get that fixed (then I’ll turn west). Hey it’s 11:45 why not stop for some lunch at The Hog Dog House (after lunch I will most diff turn west or now southwest). After lunch Joe and I want a cigar, so we make a short detour to Sir Tom’s on 4th Street and after a Montecito and Honey flavored smoke we finally head west with Christina in the lead, Grits & Groceries here we come!!! (wait a minute we already ate lunch, that’s ok they have apple pie, it’s all good), What the crap, where’s she going, west girl, west not north! Gees now were heading towards Brevard up Kanuga Rd, good she’s stopping for fuel, after the stop I’ll jump in the lead and get us going the right way. Alright were going again and I’m in the lead and…my cycle will not go west, I’m thinking west, but it keeps going north, now were on Hwy 276 up to the BRP (turn west I scream, ain’t going happen it turns north on the parkway…I think gremlins have taken over my bike) We follow the parkway all the way to Asheville and then get off at Hwy 25 and make a stop at MR Cycle (hey I’m just letting it go where ever it wants at this point), then it’s back on Hwy 25 to I-26 and down the mountain, where everyone starts splitting off for home.

I’m so ashamed that as a Road Captain I couldn’t get us to Grits & Groceries which was the scheduled ride, I mean I tried but there were evil forces working against me the whole time. I just hope the RCOA (Road Captain’s of America) doesn’t get wind of this or I will lose my certifications and they will make me walk the trail of shame (it’s bad you don’t want to know)!

August  29, 2009

It was a great day for a ride, the weather was perfect. I started out at the Waffle House with only Big Daddy Joe showing up. We went up Hwy 176 over to Newcut Rd over to Hwy 11 where we stopped at the Spinx for gas. From there we went up Hwy 11 to old Hwy 11 to Hwy 25 over to Gap Creek Rd down to Hwy 276 and up to Caesars Head. From there we went down Hwy 276 to Brevard to Hwy 64 to Pisgah National Forest where Kim and Grasshopper had the grill going for hamburgers and hotdogs and all the fixin's and Joe furnished the music. After a great lunch Joe took the lead followed by myself and Kim and Grasshopper. We went up Hwy 64 to Crab Creek Rd over to River Rd to Hwy 176 on into Saluda and down the grade. We stopped one last time at the Hot Spot in Landrum where we split up and headed for home. I hope to see ya'll next weekend at the monthly meeting at the Beacon 9am.


August 22, 2009

 Prepared by: Sarge


I rolled into the parking lot at the Waffle House and there wasn’t a cycle in sight, so I thought to myself did I get this wrong or had the ride be cancelled (should have checked my e-mail before I left the house) and just as I was going to fire up and pull away, Toby strolled out and said he wasn’t riding (had some work to do on Kim’s car) but he and Kim were having breakfast inside. Just as I was getting out of the saddle, I heard a loud rumbling in the distance and low and behold it was “Big Daddy” Joe coming in hot!

Joe was sleeveless (which is code for no Christina riding today) and since we had no more takers for the ride, Joe and I decided to go ahead and make the trek to T-Bones, so we headed out Hwy 29 to Gaffney and then through Kings Mountain National Park, over to Clover and then to Lake Wylie and T-Bones for lunch. After some great grub we backtracked to Clover and then picked up Hwy 55 to York and got caught up in some kind of festival up town, so we weaved through the backstreets and got on Hwy 49 to Lockhart and then Hwy 9 back to Spartanburg with a stop at Spartanburg Harley-Davidson. I needed a headlight bulb for “Lucille” so we made our last stop at Palmetto Cycle and then split off for home.

Hope the boys that did the Hospice run had as good of a ride that we did, cause the weather was great. As always even with only two, it was a “Good ride, with Good food and a Good friend!

August 8, 2009

We met at the Waffle House with Toby, Kim, Joe, Bob, Ray, Bill, Mike, Brian.
Ate breakfast and then headed up 176 towards Hendersonville. Took a left on
Roper road and found West Blue Ridge road and cruised on up to Little
River.. I think this is the road ... We pulled over for a direction change
and to confirm our location. Mike said he was familiar with the area so, I
gave him the lead.. In fact, I insisted... Well, we didn't get 5 minutes
down the road when we passed a Henderson County Deputy (he was just settling
in to his little hiding spot) when we blasted past him doing a little more
than the 35mph speed limit. We found a spot down the road to pull over as
he worked his way up to the "leader" and well, you know the rest of the

After we got back on the road and with orders from the nice policeman that
Bill take the lead, we continued on our way up to Crab Creek Rd and DuPont
Road on to 276. We meandered on into Brevard and made our way safely to
Dugan's Pub.

After a bite to eat and some refreshments, we decided to head towards (note
"towards") the Pisgah Inn. We got to the Parkway and about a mile on the
road, the sky opened up. Raymond, faithfully following me and Bob lagging
behind as usual... Ray and I finally pulled over to put rain gear on over
our soaked clothing... Bob too. Well, Mike and Brian had bailed and headed
back down towards Caesar's Head as Bill, Bob and Ray headed to
Hendersonville and back down 176. The three of us stopped at Bill's house
and then Bob and Ray headed home.


August 1, 2009

We had 9 members show up for our monthly meeting at the Beacon. After breakfast Joe, Christina, Perry, Ray and Kathy, Sarge, Bill, Bob and myself headed out Reidville Rd to Hwy 290 over to Hwy 14 to Brushy Creek Rd to Lee Rd to Hwy 29 and to Traders Gun Shop where we stopped to do some shopping. From there we went down Hwy 29 to Hwy 123 to Rock springs Rd where we stopped for a short break and fixed Christina's mirror. From there we took some back roads over to Anderson and Creekside Bar-B-Que on Salem Church Rd for lunch. After lunch everyone headed for home.

July 25, 2009

 Prepared by: Sarge

Well what turned into a “Boyz” ride out, had 8 bikes and 8 riders (Toby, Ray, Wild Bill, Bob, Jason, Grasshopper, Joe and myself) and after some grub at the Waffle House, Toby took the lead with Joe in the Tail Gunner’s slot and we headed out Hwy 176 to Old Furnace Rd, over to Rainbow Lake Rd to Hwy 11 into Chesnee for a short stop, then up Hwy 221 to Marion NC for a break at the Shell station. I then took over the Road Captain duties and we headed into Marion on Hwy 221, then on to Hwy 70 to Morganton, then Hwy 181 up the mountain (which by the way is a awesome cycle road) to Hwy 183 and finally to the Rock House Café. After a great lunch we got on the BRP and went over to the Lin Cove Via Duct and then turned around and headed back south on the parkway with a stop at the visitor’s center. Then we exited the parkway back on to Hwy 221 at Grandfather Mountain and followed it all the way back to Spartanburg with folks splitting off for home along the way, except for Joe, Raydawg and me, who stopped at Harley of Spartanburg but they had all ready “Pissed on the fire and called in the dog” and went home, so we stood in the shade and shot the bull for a little while and then split up and headed for the house.

It was a good ride, with good food and good company!

July 18, 2209

Prepared by: Big Daddy


We had four bikes and five riders show up for the Cherokee ride (Rick and Sharon, Grasshopper, Charlie and me.) After making our way to Fletcher, NC, we meet up with the Greenville and Hendersonville Chapters and headed to Cherokee.  On the way up Rick and Sharon broke off to find Perry and Kay and meet us at the fairgrounds.  Once we arrived and paid our $10 at the gate we headed in and browsed the vendor and food booths before making our way to the grand stands for the Native American dancing exhibition.  The show continued until 2pm and during the break we all decided that is was just too pretty not to be on two wheels.  We all skipped out on the Pow Wow and headed across Balsam Mountain via the Parkway to Maggie Valley and a great lunch.  Perry and Kay headed out for what I can only assume was an evening of gambling and vice, Charlie had to head to home and the rest of us headed up Hwy 276 and over the Parkway to Brevard and down Saluda grade.  We stopped at the Hot Spot in Landrum and I got a message from Christina letting me know that the other group was having dinner at Side Street (Can’t pas up Side Street), so Rick and Sharon and myself headed back to Tryon to meet up with the other group and Toby and Kim.  Grasshopper couldn’t make and headed home (If you can’t run with the big dogs….) Ray and Cathy, Mickey D and Kirsten and Christina had already gotten their food by the time we arrived but were kind enough to wait while the rest of us ate too much and dreaded the ride home.  We all parted ways after dinner and headed for the barn…..Great ride, great friends and a great event.


Prepared by: Sarge


We had 11 riders and 8 bikes on the ride to Little Switzerland, which included Ray & Kathy, Christina S, Bob, Bill, Mike D.& Kierstin, Chief, Brian & Christina (Mike’s friend’s) and myself. With me in the RC position and Bob in the Tailgunner slot we headed up Hwy 176 to Old Furnace Rd over to Hwy 221, up to Marion NC and then Hwy 226A to the Mountainview Grill. After lunch we got on the BRP and headed up to Mt. Mitchell and then back on the BRP towards Asheville, getting off at Hwy 25 and then over to MR Cycle for some shopping. Brian and Christina were running out of babysitting time so they headed for home and the rest of us stopped at Marble Slab for an Ice Cream break. Then it was down to Hendersonville and then Hwy 176 down Saluda Grade with the last stop at the Hot Spot in Landrum where after a break everyone split for home.

Couldn’t have asked for a better day, the weather was great with a little coolness in the air on the BRP and Mt. Mitchell and as always great friends to take it in with!

July 11,2009

We had 7 bikes and 12 riders show up, Mike D. and Kierstin, Joe, Ray and Kathy, Rick and Sharon, Cheryl, Grasshopper and Lacy, Kim and myself. We headed over to New Cut Rd where we cut thru the back roads over to Willis Quick Stop on Hwy 14 for a break and something to drink. From there we worked our way up north of Hwy 11 thru some scenic back roads over to the Spinx in Marietta on Hwy 276 for another liquid exchange. From there we headed up to Hwy 11 over to Oak grove Rd to Lake Rd the back way into Lake Lanier. After riding around the lake we went up Hwy 276 to Side Street Pizza for some supper. The food and company was great. From there everyone left for home.


July 4, 2009

We had 9 members show up for the monthly meeting and it was decided to go with the Twin Creek Chapter to Cherokee July 18th for the Cherokee Indians Festival of Nations, their annual Pow Wow. We will be leaving early in the morning (time to follow shortly) and returning that night or staying your choice. After breakfast Squid led the way as road captain to Lake Lure followed by RayDawg and Kathy, Bob, Kim and myself, they rest had honey-do list to fulfill. We went up Hwy 176 over to I-26 then up to Hwy 64 and into Lake Lure where we did the Mini Dragon and went to Duncan's B-B-Que for lunch, where after I fell thru the window we were assured we could still come back. Just as we were leaving we saw Sarge and his family stopping for lunch while out for a drive in the mustang. Squid and Bob meet up with some friends on the river and went swimming and Kim and myself headed back home to the family for our 4th of July celebration. I hope everyone had a GREAT 4th of July!!!


June 27, 2009

We had 12 bikes and 15 riders, Big Daddy Joe, Little Momma Christina, RayDawg and Kathy, Bob, Sarge, Squid (Bill), Steve, Mike H, Charlie, Chief, Grasshopper and Lacy, Kim and myself. Sarge led the way as road captain up Hwy 176 to Hwy 11 where we stopped at Echo Valley for a pit stop for a liquid exchange. After leaving there we stopped at Hwy 11 and Hwy 178 to pick up new member Mike Driscoll and his girlfriend. From there we went up Hwy 178 over to Twin Falls where Bob decided to get wet and slide down the creek on their version of Sliding Rock in the "NO SWIMMING AREA". After we left there we continued up Hwy 178 and stopped for gas at Rosman. From there we headed down Hwy 64 to Highland for lunch at Don Leone's, which was great as usual. Then we went down Hwy 64 to Bridal Veil falls for a photo shoot, while some of us cooled off under the falls. We left there and went to Dry Falls where we still couldn't get in because of construction on the parking lot so we turned around and headed back up Hwy 64. We took Hwy 281 down to Hwy 11 in SC. We continued on Hwy 11 to a pull off just pass the Caesars Head turn off where there was a small water fall. From there everyone split for home except Big Daddy, Little Momma, Squid, Steve, Bob, Grasshopper and Lacy, Kim and myself who went a little farther down the road to a local watering hole for a cool dip in the water. Big Daddy, Steve and Kim opted not to get wet, they sure missed it!!! from there we stopped at Echo Valley for some refreshments then back on Hwy 11 where everyone split up for home. This was a Great ride...

June 13, 2009

Prepared by Bill Greenleaf:

In the beginning: Sarge lead the way with Christina, Ray and Kathy, Mike, Rick and Linda, Joe G. and Laura, Bob, Brad, Bill, Charlie and Joe in the Tail Gunner position.  Just before exit 37 on I-26, Charlie developed electrical problems and pulled off.  Joe followed to see what was wrong.  The rest of us exited to wait for the damage report.

After we separated from Joe and Charlie in Asheville, the remaining group continued towards Deal's Gap to eat lunch and tame the Dragon.  On our way back, very shortly along 28, we saw Joe and Charlie coming our way.  We pulled over and they turned around to meet back with us.  Joe, Christina, Sarge and Charlie went back to the Dragon (they came all this way, why not?).

The rest of us headed back towards home.  We stopped back at the bottom of 28 to gas up and head up 19/23 through Bryson City and Cherokee to the Parkway.  Joe G. and Laura had never been up this way so it was a treat for them to see new roads and scenery.  We stopped at the Pisgah Inn for a break and to suit up as rain was threatening, never did get wet. We continued on the Parkway to 191 where we exited and picked up I-26.  We road to Hendersonville at Upward Road to gas up one last time and thanked everyone for a great day of riding.

Brad mentioned that his final ride with the Southern Cruisers would be the 27th as he will be heading north back home in August.

It was a beautiful day.


May 30, 2009

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


We had 9 bikes and 13 riders to take in the morning air for our trip to Binions Roadhouse in Hendersonville NC. The list included Ray & Kathy, Bill & Roxie, Ric & Linda, Kim, Bob, Joe, Christina, Mike, and myself and my wife Teresa. With me in the Road Captain’s chair and B.D. Joe sitting in the Tailgunner slot, with headed up Hwy 176 to Old Furnace Rd to Hwy 9 to “The Rock” with a stop at Heavenly Hoggs and then Hwy 64 to Hendersonville and Binions. After lunch we headed through town over to Hwy 191 then up to Discount Shoes for some shopping. At this point Kim and Bob broke off for home and the rest of us got back on Hwy 191 over to I-40 and down to Parkway Harley-Davidson for some more looking and shopping, then it was back on I-40 to Black Mountain and Hwy 9, back through “The Rock” where we lost Ric and Linda, then down Hwy 9 for a stop at Red White & Biker at Lake Bowen. After some more shopping, everyone split off for home.


What started out as a short ride turned out kind of long, but as always we had some great friends to share the journey!


May 28, 2009


Bike Nite


May 23, 2009

We had 11 bikes and 14 riders, Joe, Christina, Chief, Ray and Kathy, Perry and Kay, Bob, Bill, Bill's neighbor Steve, Charlie, Grasshopper, Kim and myself. We went down Hwy 176 to Hwy 9 to Hwy 914 to Hwy 200 into Lancaster and lunch at Kickstands. While there Bill's brother Sean showed up for lunch. After lunch and a game or two of pool we headed home by way of Hwy 200 to Hwy 97 back to Hwy 9 and into Spartanburg. Everyone split for home along the way except for Joe, Christina, Grasshopper, Kim and myself who stopped at Starbucks for a short break before going home.


May 14, 2009


Bike Nite


May 8, 9 & 10 2009


South Carolina State SCRC Rally -  Spartanburg, SC

May 2, 2009

We had 11 members show up at the Beacon, Joe and Christina, Chief, Chris and his son Austin, Barry, Ray, Bob, Ken, Kim and myself. After the meeting Chris had some battery problems and he headed out to fix it. The rest of us headed over to the Country Hearth Inn to do a pre-run for the rally dice run . We headed over to Moonlight Cycle, our first stop and no one was there so we continued on to Harley Davidson of Greenville, our second stop. While there Ray, Ken and Bob test rode some Harley's, while some of us shopped. From there our next stop was Cherokee Trikes on Hwy14. We went in and checked out the bikes, then left for our 4th stop, Ashley's Ice Cream on Hwy 101. We ate a hot dog lunch there, followed by ice cream. Then it was out to the rocking chairs on the front porch for a short break. When we left there we headed back to New Cut Rd and the Hotel. Everyone split off for home along the way there. It was a great day for riding. 

April 30, 2009

We had 7 members show up at Billy D's, Joe and Christina, Perry and Kay, Jason, Kelly and Emily and myself. It was great to see Jason, Kelly and the baby, she has gotten so big. It was also Perry's Birthday (Happy Birthday Perry), and a late Happy Birthday to Kelly, hers was Tuesday. The food and company was great...


April 25 & 26, 2009

We had 10 bikes and 13 riders show up, Joe, Christina, Rick and Sharon, Ray and Kathy, Bob and his friend, Sarge, Bill, Brad, my friend Casey and myself. We headed up hwy 176 to the Hot Spot in Landrum for a gas stop. From there we went Hwy 176 to Hwy 25, where Christina took over as Road Captain for me ( I don't know the back roads thru Hendersonville) and took us thru Brevard on into Waynesville by way of Hwy 276 where we stopped at Bogarts for lunch. There we met up with Perry and Kay, where Perry took over as Road Captain. We took Hwy 74 to the Yamaha Shop in Waynesville for a short stop. Then it was on to Harley Davidson of Waynesville. After we left there we got on the Blue Ridge Parkway into Maggie Valley. We stopped at a Leather/ice cream shop for a short break. From there everyone headed back home except Perry and Kay, Rick and Sharon, and myself who met up with Kim, Grasshopper and his girlfriend Lacy for a over night stay in Lake Junaluska. We rode into Cherokee that evening and visited Harrah's Casino, where Sharon was the big winner of our group. The next morning after breakfast we headed back by way of Hwy 19/24 thru Canton on to I-26 and home. This was a great weekend, if you didn't make this ride you missed a GREAT one!!!!


April 18, 2009

We had 7 bikes and riders show up, Sarge, Charlie, Bob, Mike K., Bill, a new friend Steve, and myself. We headed down Hwy 56 to Reidville Rd. over to Anderson Mill Rd. to Hwy 290 to Hwy 417 to Hwy 101 where we stopped for a coffee exchange. From there we headed down Hwy 101 to Hwy 418 to Ware Shoals where we took another pit stop. Then to Hwy 247 to Pelzer and Hwy 20 into Saylors Crossroads and Grits and Groceries. This is one stop you need to try if you haven't yet. They have their regular lunch menu but they also do a special brunch menu on Saturdays that is GREAT!!! After lunch it was back out Hwy 20 thru Pelzer to Hwy 8 where we made a pit stop. We continued on Hwy 20 to Hwy 25 to Cruisers Bike Wear in North Greenville. After some shopping everyone split for home.


April 16, 2009


Bike Nite


April 11, 2009

We had 7 members show up, Ray and Kathy, Ric and Linda, Bob, Chief and myself. We headed down Hwy 56 to Hwy 76 to Hwy 6 where we took a pit stop. From there we took Hwy 6 to The Dam Bar and Grill. After a great lunch with good friends we headed home by way of Hwy 76 to Hwy 26 into Spartanburg where we spit up for home.


April 4, 2009

Today was the monthly meeting at the Beacon, we had 15 members and friends show up. Joe and Christina and one of their friends, Sarge, Perry, Ray and Kathy, Chief, Charlie, Barry, New Members Ken Roethlisberger, Joe (Moose) Wells and Mike Kieper, Kim and myself. After breakfast Chief, Kim and Mike K, headed elsewhere and the rest of us headed up to Hwy 176 and stopped at the Hot Spot in Landrum for quick break. Then we headed up the back roads thru Tryon's Horse County. We ran Hwy 221 down to Hwy 11 in Chesnee and over to Hwy 11 Cafe' for lunch. The lunch was GREAT as usual. From there we split up and went our own way...


March 28, 2009

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


Our Sunday ride was a good one with 7 bikes and 8 riders to include: Bill, Ray & Kathy, Bob, Brad (new member), Christina, Joe and myself. We left the Waffle House and headed up Hwy 176 to Campobello, then on to Hwy 11 with a stop at Echo Valley, then up Hwy 276 to Caesar’s Head. After a short stop to enjoy the view we continued up Hwy 276 to Brevard NC and lunch at Dugan’s Pub (which by the way is in its new location in town on the ground floor of a condo complex) After lunch we headed down Hwy 64 to Kanuga Rd and then on to Erkwood Rd to Hwy 225 through the watershed on Mt. Page Rd to Saluda NC and then to Hwy 176 down the mountain. At Tryon NC we headed towards Columbus NC and then on to some back country roads, ending up on Hwy 9 at Sandy Plains and then once we crossed back into SC, everyone starting splitting off for home, with the exception of Joe, Christina and myself who did a short stop at Red, White and Biker before heading to the house.


Winds were up, but for the most part another: Good friends, Good food, Good ride!


March 21, 2009

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


With 7 bikes/8 riders and no directions to get to Anderson for Bar-b-queue (other than by interstate) we headed out for Lake Wiley and T-Bones instead. With me in the Road Captain slot followed by Rick C., Cheryl, Ray & Kathy, Bob, Christina and Joe “Big Daddy” Strayer in the Tailgunner position, we headed out on Hwy 176 through town over to Hwy 29 to Gaffney and then through Kings Mountain National Park for a short stop. Then it was on to Hwy 55 to Hwy 557 through Clover, SC and on to Lake Wiley and T-Bones. After a great lunch we headed back the same way we came except we stayed on Hwy 557 over to the 4-lane that I can’t ever remember the name of and then Joe “Big Daddy” Strayer and Christina split off to hit I-85 for a return trip to Cycle Specialties in Greer to get some more work on her bike. The rest of us went on up Hwy 29 to Gaffney and then on Hwy 11 where the rest of us started splitting off for home.


As always a good ride, with great food and friends!


March 7, 2009

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


Well it was our monthly “Meet and Eat” at the Beacon and we had 11 folks show up for breakfast. We had 9 bikes join us for the ride to Binions Roadhouse in Hendersonville, NC which included: Joe, Christina, Toby, Ray, Bill G., Bob (Bill’s friend), Chief, Charlie and myself. We headed up Hwy 9 and split off on Parris Bridge Rd to get back on Hwy 9 at Green Creek and followed Hwy 9 up to “The Rock”. After a short stop at Heavenly Hogg’s we did “Mini Dragon” around the backside of Lake Lure, then it was on to Hwy 64 to Hendersonville and Binions. About the time we sat down to eat the “Gruesome Twosome” of Perry and Rick C. caught up to us and we all broke bread together. After lunch we headed toward Asheville on Hwy 25 with a stop at MR Cycle to check out the bikes and biker stuff. Christina had to drop her bike off at Cycle Specialties in Greenville so we went north to pick-up I-40 WEST (at least some of us did, Charlie was enjoying Hwy 25 so much, he kept going north and Toby decided to take I-40 EAST) Not knowing Toby and Charlie’s plan the rest of us kept going and hit I-26 EAST until Joe who was Tailgunning caught up and we pulled over at the Rest Area waiting and he informed me we had some lost sheep. Well Charlie caught up with us about 5 minutes later, but no Toby, so Joe called him and he was backtracking to us.  Bob, Ray, Bill G., Chief and Rick C. headed on down I-26 for Spartanburg and Christina, Perry and I split of on Hwy 25 for Greenville and Cycle Specialties, with Joe waiting for Toby before meeting us in Greenville.


This was a great ride and the Weather, Food and Company were great as always!


February 21, 2009

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


We had a small turn-out for the ride to the International Motorcycle Show in Greenville. When I made it to the Waffle House, Joe, Christina, Bill G., his friend Bob and his brother Sean were waiting. Bill, Bob and Sean were caging it over and they left before we did. With the rest of us on bikes. I took the lead and we  headed up Hwy 176 and got on I-26 to I-85 getting off on Hwy 129 then on to Hwy 29 at Lyman, through Greer, Taylors and Greenville, turning on to N. Pleasantburg Rd and then Tower Dr up to the Carolina First Expo Center. The ticket line was long but very fast and we were in about 10 minutes later. All of the big manufacturer’s were there to include Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, KTM, Indian, Kawasaki, etc. displaying their current line and some new models for the upcoming year. Just as a note Honda unveiled their new “Fury” model and if you’re a chopper fan and you don’t like the custom cost, this may be the bike for you, because it looks like a custom chopper and I think it ‘s retailing for about $15,000. Indian had their new line and if you want one bring your gold bricks, the pricing starts at $30,000 for bare bones and goes up quickly.  They had lots of parts and apparel vendors with about anything you could think of for a bike. I think it was a great show and I hope we see it again next year and if you didn’t make this year, I would advise you check it out next time.


After the show we had lunch at a Korean Diner on Woodruff rd (can’t remember the name) and boy was it good, it brought back memories of the year I spent there in the 90’s. After lunch it was off to Harley-Davidson of Greenville for Joe to look at some grips and then to Cherokee Trikes to get the grips and have them put on and for me to test drive a Victory Vision. Then is was back on Hwy 80 to Hwy 29 to Wellford where Joe and Christina split off for home and so did I.


February 19, 2009


Bike Nite


February 8, 2009

Prepared by Joe 2nd:


The group met at the WH at 10am. Ray, his wife Cathy, Bob (Ray’s friend), Christina and I headed for Don Leon’s. We left Spartanburg on Hwy 176 and cut across to New Cut Road via John Dodd then up to Hwy 11. We followed Hwy 11 to Hwy 130/281 with short stops at Echo Valley and the BP station in Lake Toxaway. We then followed Hwy 64 to Highlands and Don Leon’s. After lunch we made the short ride downtown for a much needed “after-Ruben-walk”. We made the loop around Highlands but most of the shops were closed on Sunday however we did manage to find a fudge shop. After the walking and shopping we headed back down Hwy 64 to Rosman and took Island Ford Road to Hwy 276 and up to Caesars Head State Park were we ran into what appeared to be every other motorcycle in the state. After a brief stop we headed to Hwy 11 and home.


All in all, Sunday had the same theme as most of our rides; Good Ride, Good Food, and Good Company.


February 7, 2009

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


We had 11 folks show up for the monthly “Meet and Eat” at the Beacon, (Toby & Kim, Joe & Christina, Ric & Linda, Ralph, Ray, Rick C., Perry and myself) with 7 bikes and 8 riders joining up for the after ride. Minds changed and the ride to get a Hot Dog in Union was scrapped and with Rick C. as the Road Captain assisted by me and with Joe S. in the Tailgunner slot, we headed towards Brevard NC for lunch at the Twin Dragon. We left Spartanburg going up Hwy 9 to “The Rock” and then Hwy 64 to Hendersonville, NC, then staying on Hwy 64 into Brevard and the Twin Dragon. After lunch Christina and Joe wanted to stop at Spartanburg Harley-Davidson on the way back so we got back on Hwy 64 to Kanuga Rd (with a brief wrong turn and back track on Gulf something rd) to Erkwood Rd to Hwy 25 and then over to I-26 and down the mountain where Ralph split off at Hwy 14 and Ric & Linda split off at Hwy 176. The rest of us went down to the I-85 exit where Ray split off and then the rest of us headed on down I-85 to the Harley store. After lot’s of looking, we all split off for home!


You couldn’t have asked for a much better Winter’s day with the temp’s in the high 60’s and plenty of sunshine. We can only hope that we have seen the last of the bad weather and spring is right around the corner!




January 31, 2009

Prepared by Sarge ERC:


Well I showed up at the Waffle House at about 20 minutes to 9:00 and Joe was sitting in a booth munching on some eggs, bacon and waffles, with a “I think we might be it” look on his face, so I sit down and ordered some coffee while we waited for the rest of you guys to show up. At 9:15 we lost all hope that anymore of you were going to take in the morning air with us (which by the way was a pleasant 25 degrees when I left the house) and decided to mount up and get on Hwy 176 towards Landrum and Tryon’s “Hunting Country”. We stopped for our first coffee break at the Hot Spot in Landrum and then it was off to “Hunting Country” for a nice ride through the horse farms of Tryon. We made our way back to Landrum and got on Hwy 14 and headed for Sandy Plains, NC with a short stop for me to check on my Dad’s Grave site and then Hwy 14 over to the Cleghorn Plantation to Hwy 221 and back to Chesnee and then Hwy 11 with a detour through the Cowpens Battlefield and then to the Hwy 11 Café for lunch. After lunch we got back on Hwy 221 and made our last stop at Harley-Davidson of Spartanburg for some shopping (in my case, just some wishing!) and then we split off for home.


Nice short ride through the country, with cool temps, with some great food and great company!


January 22, 2009


Bike Nite

Bike Nite at Hooters

January 10 , 2009


January 11, 2009

We rode both Saturday and Sunday to the same place. Saturday's ride had Lucky in the front as road captain followed by new members Ray Nyhart and Bill Greenleaf with Joe as tailgunner. Sunday's ride had Sarge leading the way as our road captain followed by Kim and myself, Bill, Ray and his wife Kathy, Bill's brother Sean, Their friend Bob, Christina- Great to see you back, and Joe as our tailgunner. We left the Waffle House and Headed up Hwy 176 to Hwy 9 all the way to Lake Lure where we stopped for a much needed coffee break. It was a little-bit cold. We went on thru Chimney Rock to Hwy 64 and on into Flat Rock and over to the Greenville Watershed to Mt. Page Rd. and back to Hwy 176 and down the Saluda Grade to Side Street Pizza. We got there at 2pm and they didn't open till 3pm so Christina, Joe, Sarge, Kim and myself decided to wait and eat lunch there while everyone else left for home. After lunch we continued on Hwy 176 to Hwy 14 where we all split up and went our own way home. This was a great ride with new and old friends.


January, 2009

Chopper hanging out at Perry's house for a few weeks.


January 3, 2009

Saturdays ride to the Beacon started out with a thick fog. Once at the Beacon Kim and I met up with Joe, Sarge, Barry (who is doing okay after his accident), Rick and Sharon, Chief, Charlie and his son Chet. After breakfast Kim and Sharon went their own way and the rest of us headed up to Hwy 176 to Hwy 11 where we stopped at the Spinx at 14 and 11 for a coffee break. We continued up 11 to Hwy 178 where we stopped for another coffee break before continuing on 178 into Rosman where we picked up Hwy 215. We took that all the way to Hwy 276 and after a brief stop continued on into Brevard and had lunch at the Twin Dragons on Hwy 64. After a great lunch we took 64 to I-26 and home. This was a long but great ride. 



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